Sunday, March 2, 2008

Great Weekend!

This weekend was really great. I needed to get out of the house, and get a break from the kids at the same time. So I called my mom and Steph to see if they wanted to go to the temple with me. They did, Jeff watched Steph's little ones, and Janelle/Dad/Marie watched mine. We were able to get in and do initiatories. That was awesome. The last time I did that was the day I got my endowments. Most of that first time is a blur, so it was really neat to go do it again, and actually pay attention to the words. There were some things I was having trouble with, and it turns out that my mom's suggestion to do initiatories instead of a regular session was inspired, because everything I needed to hear was there. I was reminded how much the Lord loves us, and that even if the things that are hard for us seem small, he cares about it and is there. I am so grateful for the blessing of having a temple close again, and to have family here that will drop everything and help me when I need it. It was nice to go with Steph, I had just had Nathan and so was not able to go through the first time with her before she got married.

Afterwards we went back to Mom's and hung out there for a while. The kids were enjoying being spoiled, and so was I. After 3 years in England and not seeing anyone, I really cherish the time I get here with all of them. And Steph had us over for dinner so we could see their new place. She puts together the best spices on chicken and veggies, I'll tell you what! That was a good dinner, even if I couldn't eat the french bread. Zaylee and Thomas are soooo cute, and Jeff is just a hoot. It never ceases to amaze me how sibling relationships can change and deepen as adults. We have always been close, but now we are going through a lot the same things: kids, moving, etc. I really am grateful to have sisters that I can truly call best friends. I know some people that can't, and that saddens me.

So even though I didn't get to see Mark except for 5:30 in the morning when he got home and came to bed, it turned out to be a pretty great day! Word to the wise however, if you get up at 5:30 am, don't try driving 1 1/2 hours home at 9:00 pm. You probably won't remember most of the drive home, which is a little scary...


The Holloways said...

That is so great that you got to go to the temple. I can't believe you haven't done initiatories since you got married!!! WOW!! Long time!!!

SOOO glad you had a nice weekend. Aren't those great?!

Stephanie said...

You said it all. The initiatory is so amazing - they said things that ended up being answers that I wasn't even expecting to receive. Glad you enjoyed the dinner (and yes, we have been enjoying the bread and the ice cream - thanks so much!).