Friday, August 12, 2011

Doctor, Doctor... Tell me the news!

I got a bad case of.... lovin' you!

Ok, some of that is because I'm up way too late waiting on cake to bake because my first one fell completely apart and is now slated for a cake pop experiment at some point.

But we have had lots of doctor-y stuff this week.

William got to go in Wednesday afternoon after his toes kept him up crying for several hours in the wee hours of the morning, and his mommy too. Poor little guy has some pretty good ingrown toenails that have cracked on their own, they look like something has smashed them, it's pretty bad. And one was infected. :-( So he's got his little self a referral to a nearby podiatrist who will likely want to pull them off. A 4 year old with no big toenails. That's a recipe for some painful stubbed toes! (I know they'll grow back, but still...)

Then Nathan has his yearly checkup today, where we discussed his speech. He's been getting really nasally again, which has us worried. So he has a referral now to an ENT to make sure that his surgery site, that valve between his nose and throat, is up where it should be. He may need to go back to therapy, not sure yet.

We also discussed William, and the possibility that he has the same needs as Oren. But we're going to wait until his annual checkup to start evaluations.

I feel very blessed that we have good doctors, and that at least the children are covered, so their needs are being met.

Today saw me being really creative in the use of gum paste. There is now a cute rattle made of keys, like those plastic ones that have been around forever, and a mostly put-together pacifier just waiting to get placed around what will hopefully be an adorable diaper bag cake. I'm exhausted, but it will be worth it.

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