Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trying not to be mad.

I'm sitting here, updating my cake blog with more cakes than I thought, and I have been fascinated with how large the freckles are on my knuckles! Seriously, the things my brain comes up with...

The bishop pulled Mark in to an interview after church today. Among some other things, they talked about William in primary. I know he is active, he is just like Oren was at this age! I know he has a hard time sitting still, and that most people have a hard time keeping his attention. Trust me, I know this with every fiber of my being. So why did the bishop feel the need to tell us that we need to work with William on sitting still at home? If I knew what would calm him down, I'd do it!

Actually, I do know. But he is too young for the doctor to be comfortable diagnosing him or medicating him like Oren, and so we are playing a waiting game right now.

But can they honestly say that they have talked to all the other parents of the boys in his class? There are 5 of them in there, all active. His first teacher was great with him, but now he has another one and she doesn't have the patience the other sister did. No, I'm not blaming the teacher. But it hurt so much to be judged by Oren's behavior before we could get him the help that he needed, and now it's happening again.

I want to tell the bishop to put me in as pianist in the primary, so that I can help keep an eye on him, because that helped with Oren. Except I'm scared they'd ask me to teach and I deal enough with my own children to be all patient and loving with others for those 2 hours. I don't even offer to watch the neighbors kids unless the mom has to run to the post office for 5 minutes or something and all the kids are playing outside. Then I'm just a responsible adult to tend to bloodied knees or hurt feelings until mom comes back.

Why is it that I have these particular children with their many challenges? Why do I have to justifiy and explain why I do things a certain way to people that see them only rarely? Why can't people just focus on the good my kids do?


Anonymous said...

Love and miss you!! I am sorry about what happened. I know the feeling. I wish i could give you a big hug right now

Michelle said...

Thanks Amber. Miss you guys too!