Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oops, guess I should do an update!

It's been a while since I last posted... I really need to get better about that.

School's out! Which is nice, but I must be the only mom pulling her hair out a week into summer vacation. Our apartment is small, and crowded. But the neighborhood kids are questionable at best and the cats use the playground sand as a giant litter box. Time to start walking to the park? Think again! It's been cold and rainy off and on!

I have a lot of thoughts about how we finished off school. Mostly in terms of how we began this year. With Oren. I am proud of Nathan and how he really came out of his shell this year, his reading and handwriting are fantastic, he made friends. But he never gave the teachers any trouble in Mountain Home. Oren did, to where if the phone rings and it's the school I still cringe and want to run away without answering. We had our little homeschooling adventure, which I won't repeat any time in the near future. And then we put him back in school, with a new teacher.

And guess what...

This teacher is actually moving up to the 4th grade, and has requested to have Oren in her class again next year! She likes him that much! YAY!!!

If only preschool goes that well with William next year.

There's really just a huge jumble of everyday things I could put down, but nothing wants to get organized. There's cleaning and messes and more cleaning and more messes. There's laundry. There's a book I am finding hard to put down, but have to. There's jam. Really delicious jam that didn't set firm enough and I have to reprocess it tomorrow. There's baths and finding markers and then more baths.

There's trips to the store in desperation to find cheap craft supplies to occupy little hands somewhat safely. There's ice cream. There's planning cake for a birthday party. There's migraines for 3 days in a row thanks to our crazy weather, and Nathan throwing up all over the backseat of my van thanks to a headache himself. (I'm still having trouble getting the smell out.)

And there's been lots of hugs and kisses, and sweet little hands playing with my hair.

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