Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fun Times...

When we lived in Mountain Home, our dryer took a nice normal cycle to dry our laundry. Fairly efficient, lighter loads took less. But when we moved here? All of a sudden it took at least 2 full cycles, 2 hours! And if there were a lot of towels, it was nearly 3 full cycles....

Last night, after 3 times pushing the button, the clothes were still damp. No hot air blowing out at all. With 4 busy boys getting lots of laundry dirty this was not a good thing.

Long story short, we called a guy to come see what the problem was since Mark has school and work and homework. Our heating element looked very sad. Bits of wire broken and hanging off, all blackened. He was pretty impressed it had lasted 6 years of constant use! Then, since he was already here and is the ONLY guy in the area who does it, I asked about having our vent cleaned. Not the part that goes from the dryer to the wall. The part that is inside the wall and vents to the outside. All 20 feet of it.

This was the result of 10 years of people's lint catchers not catching everything, and the duct never being cleaned. Gross.... It sort of looked like when you are having that newspaper insulation blown into a wall, like on a home improvement show. Just flying out the outside vent!

The best part? My dryer is back to it's normal cycle, a little longer for jeans. The savings of having to run my dryer half the time I have been should pay for the cleaning in a few months. :-)

We did have some fun yesterday though. As I was attempting to get the older boys put into bed, Daniel learned a new trick. He's been opening the dishwasher for a while now, and standing on it. Good thing he's light. But he figured out he could reach farther up on the counter, grabbing my container of flour, and dumped it all over the floor. This was the mess after sweeping most of it up, leaving less for the vacuum. I'm still seeing white spots on the floor!

And a glimpse of the new toy box. Danny-boy is far cuter! He got all happy that I was snapping pictures, and came in for a nice close-up.

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Rachel Holloway said...

That's incredible! Makes me wonder what's in OUR vent! lol. And you've done wonders with your woodworking lately! So impressed!