Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 2

This week was a little rougher in some ways and easier in other ways to last week. This week some cravings reared their heads in the beginning. Cookies, candy, chocolate, bread... But I won! I got a little tired of salads for lunch and started experimenting with other options. And just omelets and frittatas, while delicious, are not enough for breakfast. I like variety. Searched and found: crepes! Ricotta cheese and an egg, cooked and filled like a crepe. Breakfast this morning was divine... crepe with a little peanut butter for some fiber and vitamins, a little greek yogurt for tang and calcium, and a handful of blackberries. With a little Rediwhip on top for the sweetness. It was a gorgeous bit of eye candy, rolled up so pretty.

I'm learning that I enjoy food just as much for the way it looks as the way it tastes, and that if I take the time with presentation it almost tastes better and things feel like I'm treating myself. Even if it's just a salad, or a piece of chicken. (I'm loving my cast-iron grill pan for that very reason. Plus it somehow gives it a grilled flavor even without the charcoal. It must be the years of cooking on it.)

This week I'm starting the second phase of my lifestyle change. Hence the berries. Carefully and slowly adding in the fruits and whole grains, paying attention to how they make me feel, and adding in exercise gradually. I'm feeling great, and was told by a kind sample lady at Sam's Club last night that I was pretty. I never get told that! We were talking about a bread product and laughing about baby weight, and she just said it. Usually I get laughed at by ugly little hispanic men. Twice at Walmart, what is it about that store? I'm just standing there and they looked right at me, mimed a huge stomach, and laughed. "Grande!" Yeah, thanks. So to be told I was pretty wanted to make me cry, but in a good way.

week 1- 8lbs
week 2- 3lbs

11 total!

First goal made by the way, kind of a small silly one. I can wear my wedding ring!


Rachel Holloway said...

haha, hate to giggle, but people say the weirdest things sometimes! lol
Glad your wedding ring fits! What a VICTORY!!!

(and laughing even harder over the fact that your word verification for this page is CHEST. :) hehehee

Stephanie said...

Great job! And I always think you're pretty.

Michelle said...

That is funny...

My chest is the one thing I hope doesn't shrink through all this! :-)

Melinda said...

Awesome! I love that you got told you're pretty - I have envied you your red curls and pretty face for a long time. Congrats on the wedding ring victory!

Sarah said...

Yeah for fitting your wedding ring! And compliments are always SO nice! How sweet of that lady.