Thursday, July 15, 2010

I've been trying to upload this for days now! Daniel's on this kick where he stands there banging on the door when his brothers are all outside playing. He loves being outside and grabbing at the grass. Apparently it tastes good?

At the end I ask him if he wants to go outside, and I swear it sounded like he was saying "yeah, yeah!" :-)

And we're still cleaning and downsizing. I sold a dresser we aren't using, so that's one big thing out of my garage. Yay! Mark is now trying to decide if he wants to find a good job or go to school. I'm hoping school, because I want him to love his job and unfortunately all he's qualified for is either temp summer jobs like Laborer - which the season is short at this point - or what he does now, structural maintenance. Which happens to be a job he does not enjoy, which is why he's getting out. His only chance at finding a really good job that makes decent money - so we can finally buy a house! - with benefits, is to put in the hard work now learning more about what he really wants to do. There will always be gardens and golf courses and parks that need landscaped.... no matter what the economy. Plus, our home garden would be awesome!

And I'm about giddy with a good deal! We got a gift certificate to Amazon, and used it to get Nathan's birthday presents! He requested play food pizza and eggs. And little legos - as opposed to mega blocks. I found the perfect stuff! Total out of pocket cost? $8.34! (side note: play food is outrageously expensive.)


Sarah said...

Very cute! That's gotta be hard to just have to sit and watch while everyone else has all the fun. :)

Rachel H. said...

Am hoping you guys can get the future plans figured out--I am sure there is a great plan in store and it will all work out--but dang it, it's hard to be patient! :)

Yay for your great deal--you're right, play food is OVER THE TOP expensive!

Stephanie said...

He's so cute! and growing up so much. Is he cruising along furniture yet?