Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big update!

Since we've had plenty going on here lately, I guess I'll do a nice update. There won't be photos because my card reader is MIA, I'll have to find my USB cable for the camera.

Speaking of computers, we found a tech guy based in Mountain Home that is coming to pick up the laptop and the external hard drive. The drive dropped and the case broke open. Now the computer doesn't see it plugged in so I can't get to photos. It'll be nice and pricey, but I have over 2 years of photos on there myself and it'll be worth the money to get some off if possible. Then we tried to do a system recovery on the laptop, which involves formatting the drive and reinstalling the factory settings and programs. Easy enough, right? Except all we get is errors and now it just turns itself off instead of reading the disc. The tech guy thinks the hard drive may be bad. So we're getting that worked on/looked at. If it's the hard drive in the laptop that's bad, we're getting a new one and having him install that - make sure it works. Even with that added to the recovery price, it's cheaper than buying a new laptop!

Word of advice. Don't just store photos on a hard drive. Get an external. And a bunch of flash drives or good quality CD's and copy everything to those. In the words of the tech guy, "If you only copy it to one thing, that's not backup. That's just storage."


Remember in January when I rear-ended that guy? And had to have my car in the shop for a few weeks. And the court dates? The last one I had 2 months ago, the man showed up to the trial to tell me that my insurance hadn't paid his claims. We traded phone numbers and I said I'd call and see what was up with them. Then he called me saying they still hadn't paid a month later and he was considering legal council. (SCARED!) 2 weeks ago my insurance called up and said the case was closed, everything paid, and settlement accepted! Which is good because they couldn't reduce the misdemeaner to an infraction with a fine until everything had been paid.

My court date was yesterday, and as soon as I walked in the public defender came over. Congratulations, the claim was paid, and you've been reduced to the infraction! Signed the paper, went downstairs and paid the $75 ticket for "following too closely" and went home, with a huge sigh of relief. We were worried it would be a lot more for court costs, but we got lucky. So that's all taken care of.


We went househunting last week in Rexburg. Did you know that houses are way pricey there unless you live out in the country? And that renting is as bad if not worse? We are very blessed to have family with room for us so we won't be homeless while we get on our feet.

There was one we loved, but Mark's car couldn't handle the country road in the winter. And another we loved except for the entire 3 acres of waisthigh grasses and thistles and other assorted weeds/ junky outbuilding / who know's what else / unfinished addition that needs tearing down. And the one in town that was doable, but only 1095 sq.ft. Which is teeny!

But now we know, don't trust pictures. Always go see it in person. Agents will drive you anywhere to sell a house. And don't rush into anything.

We'll see what happens, since the list for income based housing may be long, especially for 3 bedrooms.


We only have about 4 weeks left! I'm nervous, and excited all at the same time. Faced with being a civilian, we're realized how constricting the military can be. Show ID just to get home? Even grass height is regulated. Sort of stifling all of a sudden. Still a lot of unknowns, but it feels like sort of a new freedom.

I'm not sure how I'm going to get everything done with the house. And I'm still slowly going through things and downsizing. Someone is picking up the piano Saturday morning. I'm trying to see if I can fit everything onto 1 bookshelf. And we're debating the entertainment center, for size reasons. I can build a new one later... thanks to knock-off-wood.

The boys are getting excited about moving to Grandma's house. They get so spoiled there! And Oren is going to be homeschooled this year, we've enrolled and everything into an online academy - a public school that sends you all the books and even a computer if you need. Plus, they offer electives starting in the 3rd grade, which he's going into, and he has chosen French. Which I learned in high school. So I can help him with those assignments! It'll be hard work, but until we get insurance and meds for him, it's the best option for his natural behaviors and schedule.

That's our last couple weeks in a nutshell, I guess!

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Rachel H. said...

so many changes. :) I am glad this whole situation is turning into a somewhat positive one--at least in feeling a newfound freedom! :) have you been checking the bYUI bulletin board for housing? Always lots of options there...