Saturday, June 12, 2010

Photo catchups!

It's been a busy couple weeks, so I'm playing photo catchup. Below this post you will find one for Oren's birthday, Nathan's graduation, and Janelle's wedding.

The boys (and Mark included) were playing scientist the other day after church. They got out our microscope and did "experiments". Apperantly that's what Nathan was doing. All I know is that he's lucky the microwave didn't explode when he left the spoon in the cup he was heating up!

When all else fails, use your teeth! William occupied himself with our Perler bead set.

Somebody left a flashlight were Daniel could get it, and we turned it on just for fun. He was hilarious crawling around waving it all over.

My little scientists. They were investigating a drop of blood here. If the table shook the cells would flow around. It was actually pretty cool!

And this is what happens when you think you have left the plate of paint out of a little one's reach when you go leave the room for a minute. Even his tongue had green on it! Luckily, Marie's nightstand I was painting was just fine. And the paint did come out of the carpet.
He was right pleased with himself!

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