Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Mark brought home his seperation orders yesterday. That sort of makes it final that he's getting out. He's still going through an appeals process with a defense council, just in case it's not too late to change their minds.

A huge relief was finding out that we are eligible for seperation pay. I'm still a little iffy on what that entails and how much, but I know it's half of your base pay. I just don't know if it's 1 months worth, or if it's from when you got out to what your enlistment day should have been up. (which would be significantly more since his enlistment isn't done until 2013!) Either way, any little bit helps...

And the Air Force pays to move us. We can have them pack up and move everything, or we can do it ourselves and they pay us. Part up front to cover the truck and packing supplies, and part after once you get the truck weighed and know how many miles you moved. We're trying to decide that part. You can make money on a DitY move, but it's a lot harder to pack and then have to clean your whole house, and then haul everything across the state.

And we're still planning on Mark applying to BYU-I. He just has the bishop's okay part to finish and then he's done.

So I guess a lot of things are coming together, it's just scary how many things are still unknown. Like a job, who's working? Because if he gets in, he'll be going full time. Days or nights? Don't know yet.

But I should leave with a good thing. I'm wearing a pair of jeans today that a month ago I couldn't even get up my thighs. Stress works!


Rachel H. said...

so much in the air--but there's a reason--there has to be. Hoping things work out for the best, even though it's frustrating right now.

Stephanie said...

I'm still hoping and praying for everything to work out for you guys. I still need to go through the little boy clothes and send you stuff for Daniel, I'll get on it soon!

Jake & Lisa Danes said...

No fun Michelle! I will keep you and you little family in my prayers. Just remember where a door closes the Lord opens a window.