Monday, May 24, 2010

Photo update!

I have been rather remiss at posting photos. And at taking photos. But here are some that I scrounged up from my camera.

Mark's birthday cake, as promised over 3 weeks ago. Design: idea from Oren. Cake: deliciously homemade.

A snow picture? Yes indeed! It was coming down nicely last Saturday as I was scrambling to get ready for our piano recital. I guess we all could have played our Christmas songs again... :-)

Mark and I took the kids out for dinner and bowling Saturday night. Lots of loud music, yummy food, and kids hefting "heavy" bowling balls. Recipe for fun!
Although Daniel wasn't sure about the music blasting and balls crashing...

Nathan kept busy between turns eating all the french fries we had out for snacking and drinking all the soda - a treat they don't get a lot.

Oren was so funny throwing the ball down the lane. Then jumping up and down when the ball would bounce off the bumpers and knock down several pins. He did pretty well, actually, with those bumpers up.

Mark helped William with those ramp things. William would carry the ball over and Daddy would set it up. The he would count down and William would run and shove the ball down. This worked really well and by the end he had a decent score.

And of course, I had Mark take the camera a few times to prove that I was there. Like my mom, I am rarely in pictures. Against the rules to get in a position for a good face shot, since it would have meant standing in the lane, we settled for a "rear" view. I love that black is slimming!

And I was having fun with Daniel at church yesterday, while waiting for singing time to start. Consider these his 7 month pictures. (I know! 7 months!) Apparently I had the picture size set to more of a widescreen so they didn't take the way I thought they would. Still cute though!

Already a little reader.... Just like his momma.

I would have taken a video of him army-crawling his way across the room and attempting to head out the door, but I was playing piano. He's fine being far away from me if it was his idea to crawl off, but heaven forbid if I walk away! :-)


Melinda said...

Yeah for picture updates! I love that cake; you need to make a cool one for the family reunion, if you'll make it. Like bring one for the auction. I'd totally try to win that!!!

Love the little pictures of Daniel. And looks like tons of fun bowling!

Michelle said...

I think cupcakes may transport better... maybe with sprinkles and little chocolate bugs for boys and a batch with chocolate flowers for girls? Hmmm.... :-)

Stephanie said...

Totally - baked good really bring in the moneys at the auction. :-)

Daniel is so cute. I love seeing babies looking at books. They're so fascinated and adorable.

Michelle said...

Yeah, I remember fighting for your cookies last time!