Monday, May 31, 2010

Made It!

It's been one crazy week. With 3 trips to Boise in one week, a wedding, a cake... So busy I even forgot Nathan's therapy session! I've only done that one other time in the last 3 years. Yikes!

But we've made it through. The boys have one more school day, early release on Tuesday, and then we're ready for summer. If the weather ever warms up.

I'll be putting up a picture of Janelle's cake when I get home to my beloved computer. The photographer, after I got it all set up on the table, said (and I quote) "That is the best Mormon wedding cake I have ever seen!" It was so refreshing to do something other than white. With the bride's permission (I love my sister!!!!) I got use graduating colors of blue, a different one for each layer, and it turned out gorgeous. It got tons of compliments, and is by far my favorite cake.

Look for a little longer post and some pictures sometime in the next couple days!


Stephanie said...

It really was an AWESOME cake! Very vibrant and gorgeous.

Janelle said...

I absolutely LOVED it! Thanks again for doing it.

Amy K said...

Michelle what's your email address? I want to ask you about finding an Irish Pine stain for furniture. Also, Stephanie and Janelle I have a blog that I just barely started. If you're interested give me your email addresses and I'll invite you to it. Sorry I missed your wedding Janelle. I wish I could have gone.