Monday, May 3, 2010

The Long and Skinny of it...

is that Daniel is just that. Long and Skinny!

We had his 6 month appointment today. A whopping 14lbs 3oz. Oren and William were just the same... skinny minnies. He crawls out of his pants all the time, cracks us up!

We also have an appointment for Oren on Thursday. We'll be talking to the doctor about seeing a developmental specialist to see if he may have an underlying condition besides the ADHD. Something like Aspergers. It's along the same lines as autism but not as severe. He just has several things that have been going on since kindergarted that may point in that direction, and if my suspicions are correct, he'll get the help he needs at school. An IEP would be a good thing for him. We'll see what happens.

And Mark had a birthday this weekend! He had the most yummiest cake I have ever made, according to all who ate it. His parents came over as a suprise, and helped us clean up the boys's rooms and switch some beds around. Oren is in with Daniel now since Daniel's waking has been upsetting William pretty bad at night. And Nathan and William share now since they go to bed together just fine as long as they don't turn on the light. This won't keep rooms any cleaner, but will let Oren go to bed earlier and hopefully keep William from screaming at Daniel at 2 am... Anyway, I'll post a picture of his birthday cake when I'm not so tired and don't have a screaming infant who just got shots, and all the fun that comes with having little ones.


Stephanie said...

Long and skinny must run in the family (perchance from Mom's side? hehe), Zaylee and Thomas were both like that as well.

I hope they figure everything out with Oren and get him the help he needs. He's such a sweet little guy, he deserves the best.

Rachel H. said...

So what was this yummy cake!? And does it come with a recipe!?? :)

Hoping you can pinpoint what it is that's not right with Oren--it will be nice to have an answer and a solution... ;)

Melinda said...

Happy Birthay to Mark! Daniel's darling no matter what shape he is :) Hope the bedroom switch work out better like you're planning!