Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just plain old busy...

There really isn't much of an excuse for why I haven't posted in a week and a half. I've read blogs, I just haven't had much energy left over to think about what to write! And there isn't much to report from having been so busy either, which is funny.

Let's see...


(see what I mean?)

I've been refinishing a dresser this week. The boys pulled the paint off one entire drawer front so I just hauled it into the garage. We discovered it was real wood, and real pretty at that underneath the paint so I've been in the process of stripping it for a while. Thanks to 4 different paint colors on top of each other, very thick coats, the strippers aren't working very well. Gets most stuff off and the rest is sticky gooey residue that won't scrape and won't sand. So I'm still plugging away to get it all off. Will post a picture when it's finally sanded, stained, and finished!

A good friend of mine tipped me off about a new website... see my sidebar.... that is totally awesome! You too can build nice furniture if you have a saw and a drill! Stuff that looks nice and pricey, that you build yourself with seriously easy plans and well-drawn pictures as you go. Beds, tables, chairs, picnic tables, bookshelves, media centers, sawhorses, play kitchens, sandboxes, and she's working on plans for a raised playhouse and swingset kinda thing. I highly recommend you go check it out. She'll have to planning your DIY list in no time flat!

For instance, I'm putting together 2 nightstands, probably next week, for about $25-30 a piece in wood and hardware. This general style, in real wood, would be more like $100 a piece retail. Yikes! We're planning a loft bed and desk for Oren, who could use a more grown-up space since William is about ready for a twin bed. Also on the docket, a new dining room table, two long benches, and two end chairs! (And maybe a kid-sized picnic table squeezed in there too.)

Strangely, that's all I can recall about this last week. The DIY projects. I know there was lots of babysitting for my friend for her physical therapy sessions. I helped clean Amanda's huge (12-14ft) snake today. The boys played outside, and inside, and at the park. Daniel spins in circles while sitting up. I swept. Mark worked.

Just plain busy!


Stephanie said...

I think that website is totally awesome. I looked through and have also already found a couple projects that I'd like to work on. Just need to talk Jeff into buying a jigsaw, and that really shouldn't be all that hard - the man loves his tools. :-)

Rachel H. said...

Yep, I've read that blog for a long time--and she's great! So many fun projects! Can't wait to see what you come up with!! :)

And hope you can get through that dresser redo--sounds like a big task, but like it will be beautiful when done!