Sunday, April 25, 2010

It was the awesomest!

I took the kids to the Taco Bell on base earlier this week, for some nachos I was craving. They had a little display that said "Take one", with some red-lettered papers. After closer inspection I realized that they said "Free child's ticket with this coupon!" A circus was coming to town this weekend and they said I could have 3 of them. Hurray!

Even better, upon looking at their website, they were having an adult ticket discount per ticket if you brought a can of food. Circus tickets are still pricey, but since we didn't have to pay for the kids and got our discount, we spent $38 instead of $100! Score!

No cameras allowed, so unfortunately there were no pictures taken.

Daniel bounced on my lap through most of it. William squirmed on Daddy's lap. Nathan sat quietly enjoying all the lights and loud music beats, people flying around. He was thrilled, just had a quieter way of expressing himself. Oren was full of loud approval for all the acts. Too funny.

From the magician whose assistant had, no kidding, 5 different wardrobe changes that each took about 5 seconds ( that was the act, not sure how she did it ) to the motorcycles (2 of them) in the big steel ball driving around in circles... it was a fun 2 hours. This wasn't a huge, Ringling Brothers production, just a small circus. But to the boys it was something they'd never seen, and something they'll remember for a long time. And it may have been small, but even I gasped when the guy almost fell off the big rotating wheel 15 feet in the air because it was moving and the thing it was on was moving and he was blindfolded. And the ladies that dance in the air wrapped in those big silk scarves that they twist around and everything, always beautiful to watch.

They did ask for treats, but no way am I paying $4 for cotton candy. So we told the boys we'd go get treats afterwards. Thank heavens for Sonic, $1.00 jr. candy sundaes on the value menu. Ice cream, candy, hot fudge, oreos, and a cherry on top for just $1.00! Plus, their strawberry limeades are AMAZING! (can you guess what treat I got?)

A late night, but it was so much fun to sit back and watch their little faces light up with each new wonder. These things we've seen bigger, better... we're used to them, we know how they work. But my boys didn't. To them everything was magic. And wonder. Everything a circus should be.


Melinda said...

Sounds like so much fun! Evie'd enjoy it, but I think Lizzie'd be scared of bright lights and so much going on. (I could be wrong...) I'd love to find such an amazing deal on tickets, though, no matter what!

Rachel H. said...

My kids absolutely ADORED the circus--and it's so true, things like that are SO MUCH BETTER with little ones...

So happy for your great deal--and for getting to see the circus with those little wonders! :)

Stephanie said...

That sounds so awesome! I've never been to a circus. That may be something we have to do sometime white the kids are young. I'm glad you got such a great deal and that everyone enjoyed themselves.