Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our 1st Outing...

Friday was the last day of school before Spring Break, so we wanted to celebrate a little. The kids and I loaded up in the van and headed to Pizza Hut. This was the first time I have taken all 4 kids to a sit down restaurant by myself, so I was really hoping good behavior. And I got it! (Of course, the fact that I threatened to walk out the door without the pizza if they went crazy didn't hurt.)

Daniel was in a highchair for the first time as well, and tipped over a lot. In the end I tucked a coat in around him so I could use both hands for the pizza. I supposed this qualifies as his 5 month pictures as well, since I didn't take them on the 13th like I planned.

While the rest of us were chewing our cheesy bread, he went straight for the edge of the table. Yumm!

Waiting patiently for our appetizer. He's getting a lot better at coloring in the lines. Even if everything was colored green...

I'm so glad they provide crayons and paper!

Studious as always.
All in all, a very successful outing, and I was quite proud of their good behavior. At Pizza Hut anyway. I then pushed my luck at Walmart afterwards, and that's a totally different story. But then... what was I thinking?

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Esther said...

Way to go for taking all of them out at once. And for it going so well. Yeah. Pizza is a good thing to celebrate with.