Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sleepy Head

Took me 3 tries to spell the title right. I'm tired I think....

Daniel was sleeping on the couch this evening. He sleeps there a lot, because of the noise. He likes it and doesn't wake up as much sleeping in here as he does in his room during the day. He was so cute and peaceful that I just had to play with my camera. 4 months old last Saturday! I'll take awake pictures maybe tomorrow.

I love baby toes!

Just playing around with stuff. I liked his stripey shirt. And the way he sucks in his lower lip a little when he's asleep. We think he did that in utero, because just minutes after birth, he started sucking on his lower lip. He tried doing it while nursing and our doula caught it and helped us fix it early.

Oren wanted in on the fun. Why not? He does have the biggest blue eyes...
Anyway, just having fun with the camera. And the fact that my subject couldn't go anywhere.

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Stephanie said...

Chubby little fingers and toes! I want to eat them.