Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween fun!

Let me start by saying that I was acting my costume Saturday night, and forgot the camera. And forgot to take pictures at home before hand, and was way too tired afterwards. But the boys were totally cute!

Our ward had our party the same hours as the base trick-or-treating, which was fine with me. Dinner was a chili cook-off, but I never found out who won. We entered a Spicy Pork Chili, which I didn't realize until I had a bowl of it at dinner that I had totally forgotten the fresh cilantro at the end. The cilantro is what makes the chili taste so good that you want to eat 2-3 bowls of it, so although it still tasted good, it wasn't a winning chili. *sniff*

Mark set up his scary skulls with eyes that light up, his strobe light with the sound sensor and spooky noises, and all of our jack-o-lanterns around the trunk of the van, and I handed out candy while Oren took himself collecting and Mark escorted the younger 2 boys to obtain their treats. Daniel hung out with me in his seat in the trunk of the van, since he was asleep and can't eat the candy anyway. We managed to come home with more candy than I handed out! Yikes!

Mark vetoed me dressing up as a witch, like I do every year. So I took some of Oren's face paint from his vampire set, and gave myself some spectacular under-eye bags, pulled my hair back into a questionable ponytail, and wore a shirt about hearing voices that only talk to me.... I was a new mom with no sleep! That got some laughs, but not as many as the husband whose wife got him to dress up as a very pregnant nun. (He actually pulled it off quite nicely...)

And Mark finally found an excuse to yank out his retainer. He had gotten a set of vampire fangs for his costume that came with what it said was impression putty. Turns out it was more like plastic. He melted the little balls, poured it into the fangs, and set it on his teeth. When he went to go pull them off, they wouldn't budge! He had forgotten about his retainer that had been cemented onto the back of his top teeth over 10 years ago, and the plastic had molded around them. After an hour of wiggling, he got them off, but in the process tore the cementing off of one side. So he gave a good yank, and the whole retainer came off. Half the cement was left on his teeth. Now he's got to get down to the dentist and have the cement sanded off, and get a referral to the orthodontist to get a new retainer cemented in before his teeth move crooked again. I thought it was hilarious! Especially when he started asking if I thought my embossing gun could melt the plastic without burning his mouth.


Rachel H. said...

That's one expensive set of fangs! :) LOL Very funny!!

I love the idea of your costume. TOO FUNNY. :)

Stephanie said...

Love your costume idea. And wow, just thinking about yanking off cemented retainers is making my teeth hurt...