Friday, October 2, 2009

Sweet lunch date

Amazing Amanda offered to watch the boys today while I did my NST in Boise.... because all the kids were out of school. That way Mark could go with me if he wanted and see what they're like, maybe do lunch. I asked him if he wanted to go and he suprisingly said yes! So off we went to Boise for the morning, our last date before baby gets here.

We had a stubborn son this morning who didn't want to show up any good patches of fluid for about 15 minutes! Then he fell asleep and would only move if I poked him during his test.... little stinker. They got all excited when I had a pretty decent contraction in the middle of it and his heartrate did great, just tells us how well he's still doing in there. Mark enjoyed the quick ultrasound, and thought his son was funny not wanting to move. This was the first NST he's been to with me, including all of William's.

Then we ran over to the music store to see if they had any Christmas music. We're starting when I come back to teaching in November, and I don't know how many times I'll be getting to Boise before then. They didn't have much selection yet, but I think I have the levels I still need.

Baja Fresh for lunch! We like them, they are fast food but it's all made fresh when you order. No freezers or anything, and I have a suspicion they may make their tortillas, because they tasted amazing. I had the best fajitas, and even treated myself to normal-carb tortillas for once, a date-day treat. I usually can't because they make my sugars too high afterwards, but they were so worth it. (And my sugars were fine this time. Yay!) It was nice to get to stand in line and hold hands, not trying to corral boys running 3 different directions or figuring out what everyone wants.

I thought it was so sweet of him to want to come down with me. And we found I get just as tired going to Boise, no matter who drives. So I had to take a nap before piano lessons this afternoon. 2 more NST's and 1 more doctor appointment, until the 13th and we get this little guy here! If I make it that long...

I think it was reassuring to Mark to see him doing well in there, because he'll be going to his parent's this weekend. His grandmother passed away Wednesday and the funeral is tomorrow. I can't go, so I'll be here with the boys while he drives the 4 hours there in the morning. He'll stay the night unless I need him to come back, and then he'll drive back Sunday afternoon to make it home for William's cake and presents. Luckily it's only 4 hours, 5 to Boise and the hospital. So if it came down to it, I'd call him to come home, the doula to come to base and pick me up, and the sitters to come get kids. He wasn't there for Oren, so it's not like I haven't done it without him, and I wouldn't be alone at all. I think baby is going to sit tight for now though, I've probably been a 3 for a while, who knows. He was supposed to work this weekend, but they are being super nice and letting him go being as it's only a few hours away. So I'm glad we got time alone today, it's the last chance we'll have for quite a while!


Nicia said...

Fun lunch date! I'm sorry to hear about your hubby's grandmothers passing. Hope everyone is doing well.

Rachel H. said...

How nice to get away! I know you keep super busy now, and in the coming months I am sure it will get much harder!