Saturday, October 24, 2009

Maybe just one more nap?

Wow, as glad as I am that Daniel nurses well, I am one tired mommy!

He tends to feed in clusters, which means a lot of mini-feedings in a 2 hour period where I am pretty much stuck on the couch. Then a 3-4 hour nap, and it starts all over again. Not fun from midnight to 2 am....

And, I apperantly have a foremilk to hindmilk imbalance, as well as a mega-strong letdown. So the kiddo gets things going and then just sits there as it squirts into his mouth all by itself. And he gets a whole lot of foremilk and fills up before he gets to the nice fatty stuff, which makes him very gassy and gives him green slimy diapers. Not what you want to make him all cute and chunky!

So I have to pump before each feeding to ease the letdown and take out some of the thinner foremilk so that he doesn't get full before the good fatty stuff. Glad I have a pump! And glad we have a good lactation consultant available on base, whose number I have taped on my fridge right now! After starting the pumping thing, he's eating much better and the diapers aren't so offensive. But all this work makes me tired! He's so cute that I really don't mind it, and Mark is home to keep an eye on the boys. And he lets me sleep if I need, when I need. What a guy!

And at the lactation consultant's office, we found out that although he had lost weight like normal babies do, he was back up to a whopping 6lbs 10 oz! Just 5 more oz to go before we hit birthweight again, and hopefully that fatty milk is doing it's job. :-)


Melinda said...

Wow. Can't wait to see chubby-cute pictures of Daniel!

BTW, I really, finally, got your nursing cover in the mail this week! (And you were thinking it'd never happen...sheesh.) By the time you're really ready to be out in public with him, it'll be there!

Stephanie said...

Good to get that milk thing figured out. I know how much of a pain it is to pump with every feeding, but you can do it! I'm with Melinda - you need to post Daniel pics! :-)