Monday, October 26, 2009

Am I really crazy?

Oren threw up yesterday morning, so Mark kept the older boys home while I went to church with Daniel. I would love to say I enjoyed Sacrament meeting, but I was feeding him for most of it. :-) It's a good thing I went, because I only had a piano substitute set up for last week, and we have a primary program coming up. We scheduled it for November 8th, since I knew I wasn't going to go over my due date and we figured that would give me sufficient time to heal to sit on the piano bench again.

I should have brought my foam pad I used during pregnancy.... That bench is hard! We did a full run through, and then just sang songs for the last 30 minutes, which means 2 full hours sitting down on a hard piece of wood, not even 2 weeks after having a baby. Ouch! I was hurting the whole rest of the day.

What amused me was the number of people who couldn't believe I was at church already! I'm feeling great, other than the sore tushy from the bench, and it's not like I was there with all the kids by myself and chasing them all over the building. There is a cold going around, I know, but he was kept covered and behind the piano the whole time. I let people peek, but nobody touched or got too close. Is it really crazy to want to go to church with a newborn? I'm needed there, and there's got to be a first Sunday at church for him so may as well get it over with, right? I did go home and rest for most of the afternoon, except for the apple crisp that I made from scratch. (I need to get used to using sugar again, because my baking has gone downhill a bit from disuse.... it was a tad more tangy than I would have liked....)

Crazy? Stir crazy maybe, because I'm going from a completely full schedule - to sitting on the couch for several hours a day.


Sarah said...

If you're crazy then I am too. With Emma we went to a family reunion 6 hours away when she was 2 1/2 weeks old. With Matthew I went back to church when he was 10 days old. Nobody could believe it. But I felt fine, and he slept the whole why just sit at home?

Rachel H. said...

I totally don't think your crazy! I always got back to things right away. Seriously, there's no need not to. If you can go out to playgroups or to the grocery store, I think church is acceptable too--some people dont' think that way. Eh, their loss!

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I plan on going back to church as soon as I feel up to it. Baby will be in a sling or a mei tai the whole time, no germy hands and faces all over her, so why be a worry wort about it? I agree, you've already been missing church, you need to be able to go and just be there and feel the spirit, especially in all the mayhem involved with adding another child to your family.