Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Feeling better

I still have almost no voice, it kind of comes and goes depending on how much I have to use it. But I do feel lots better today! Still coughing, but my throat doesn't hurt like it did yesterday, thank heavens. And best of all.......... I was able to taste my lunch!

I felt bad going in to my NST this morning sick, but being that I get this same cough thing every fall-ish, and it does the same thing every time, I knew it wasn't anything really serious. Plus, no fever this morning, so I figured I was fine. Baby passed with flying colors again, but I got scolded for not drinking enough, for the ketones I usually have, and for the protien that was new in my sample this morning. Today is officially the longest I have ever been pregnant, since Oren was 38 weeks to the day, and I am now 38 and 1 day today! So I was glad to mark another appointment off my calendar. Each day we go through gives us that much higher a chance to take this baby home with us and not need the NICU. And each test or scan is so reassuring that he's doing well in there.

Tomorrow is another OB checkup, lovely internal exam - I'm so excited..... - and a final ultrasound to check how big he is now. And officially my last appointment, other than Friday's NST, because if he's not here by next Tuesday, we'll be inducing Wednesday morning!

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Stephanie said...

Glad you're starting to feel better, and can taste your food again. I'm so excited for you - yay for getting past 38 weeks! The little guy will be here any time now! :-)