Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just a little luncheon....

Amanda and I have been having lots of fun planning this luncheon/shower thing. It's getting so close! We made the invites and handed or sent them out. We've even got an RSVP already. We asked people to, but our ward isn't great with actually letting the hosts know they'll be there.

We've planned the menu, and today sat down and figured up what all the food is going to cost based on a reasonable estimate of people attending. I'm sure glad we are splitting this between the 2 of us, because it would be a big ouch otherwise. I guess food for 30+ people costs more than a family of 5 would for one meal.... We're planning our shopping trip to get it all and the schedule for having it all ready to go and setting the room up.

There's the couple of games we picked out, and the small prizes for them.... all planned and mostly good to go. The cake design is set. Working on tableclothes.

We almost had a small panic when we heard about a Sister in the ward whose daughter was getting married that Saturday. But all's fine, she's getting married in Nampa at a building there. Whew! So we can use the church building. :-) Hopefully everything will turn out nice, and lots of people will come and celebrate these little babies with us. But even if it doesn't go over as planned or hardly anyone shows up.... at least my mom and sisters will be there, my good pregnant friends, my best friend, and we'll have lots of cake!

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Stephanie said...

Fun fun fun! I'm getting so excited to come up and see you and everybody, and to have a good time and a yummy luncheon at your shower. Yippee!