Friday, September 4, 2009

Girls Day Out!

I was talking yesterday with a friend from church about how the guys all had today off. They geta 4 day weekend, but the kids still had school. Bummer. I needed some stuff in Boise, and I know lots of neat places to go, so we thought it would be fun to hit the town together! Luckily, our men agreed to babysit little ones and drop off/pick up from school while we went and played. What sweethearts!

We had a blast! Joanns is so much funner when you are with somebody who likes fabric too. I showed her our local import market, where you can get Indian, Thai, Italian, British foods, and real Cadbury's candy from England. Plus really neat house decor and fun little toys for kids. Love the baskets! (at least.... I like to look at them because the price tags is ouch.) Then it was on to the huge party supply store for a needed ingredient for the baby shower cake. They have an M&M dispenser with all kinds of colors. Reds, yellows, blues, greens..... So you can buy all of one color! Any theme you can think of, you can buy party supplies for it. I love it!

Lunch time! We visited the Macaroni Grill. She'd been there about 7 years before, and since it was close we decided Italian sounded yummy. MMMMM! I had the best chicken that was grilled to perfection on big sprigs of rosemary. And I found out that they can do side orders of pasta, so my big bowl of Alfredo was only $2.00. Wow! I still only ate half the bowl, so I have plenty for bedtime snack later. Her daughter, whose 9 months old, really enjoyed the fresh bread they brought to the table. She's so cute!!!!!

On to mall for our last stop. I was bigger after William, and the nursing bras I used with him don't fit anymore. The straps won't stay up and it's just annoying. The lady at Motherhood Maternity was so nice, she measured me for fit and everything. I got a really comfortable one with a little room to grow when my milk comes in. Hurray! But we were tired after our busy day of running around so we headed home.

Of course, when I got home, it happened to be at the same time as my 4:00 piano lesson, so after leaving the house at 9am to pick her up and getting home just before 4pm I then taught piano for another 1 1/2 hours! 3 lessons back to back. Crazy! Then dinner needed cooked, so I stirred up an alfredo casserole thing which is cooking away in the oven while I prop my feet up to reduce swelling and enjoy the baby going nutso in there since I'm finally sitting still.

Whew! Busy day! (And Mark, being the angel that he is, did all the dishes in the kitchen, which was not exactly a small amount. And gardening. And mowing and weedwacking. Wow!)


Stephanie said...

Don't you just love busy fun days! My day was kinda busy too, meeting with the mortgage lady and having my glucose test and prenatal appointment and stuff.

I'm getting increasingly excited about coming to visit! It'll be so much fun, I can't wait!

Kathy said...

Always fun to go do things with friends. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. What a great husband too!