Thursday, August 13, 2009

So excited!

Amanda and I put our heads together, and realized that we had planned the shower for labor day weekend. Um... it's a military base. Nobody will be here! 4 day weekend, everyone takes off.

So September 12th it is! Which means that Steph and Jeff are coming up to hang out for a couple days and we get to go to Zaylee's birthday party and all my sisters will be at the shower! HURRAY! (Steph, can you tell I'm excited to compare baby bumps....?)

We've got a game planned already and are trying to come up with ideas for a few more. (Any input would be lovely...) And we've got a menu floating out there. Chicken Salad on Croissants, some veggie salads and mixed fruit salads, punch, and one of my cakes. The chicken salad will be made with grapes and smoked almonds, of course.... :-) All 3 of us pregnant ladies who are having this luncheon/shower are so excited!


Baby managed to flip himself over the other day. Nothing like feeling all the kicks slowly travel up your side until he is in your rib cage. Loads of fun. And I was told that I not only look very pregnant, but that it looks like he's already 10 lbs! Of course, this friend hadn't seen me all summer, and the shirt had horizantal stripes which makes you look even bigger. I just thought it was funny, because with William I have been told that I didn't look pregnant at all and that unless you knew, you couldn't tell. So I'm enjoying the belly this time around.

And I am probably one of the few people that can't wear their wedding ring when they get pregnant, but can in the 3rd trimester. Random fact that Mark and I discovered the other day. Fun stuff! We meet tomorrow with our doula to go over our birth plan, which the doctor is very much okay with. Not even a "one of those people grimance". Great guy. Blankets got sorted today, and put away. I went psycho with the steam cleaner and after taking the covers off the couch cushions to wash them, I steam cleaned the whole rest of the couch this evening. Then to go the whole hog, did my recliner too. Ugh.... that was gross. To think I've been sitting on that!

Can we say nesting?


Stephanie said...

Hmm, I need to get on board with this whole nesting thing. Since we'll be buying a house soon, I need to clean and get stuff ready for moving. If I could just get off my duff and do it! :-)

I'm so looking forward to coming to visit, and having the party and going to the shower. It'll be such an awesome week!

Calista said...

Baby showers are so much fun! I can only think of one game that I've actually played at a baby shower and it involves a bowl of uncooked rice and some safety pins. Small safety pins are mixed into a bowl of rice and each player is blindfolded before they sift their hands through the rice tyring to find all the pins that they can in 30 sec. Sorry I don't have anything else to offer... But have fun!!

Nathan and Esther Manwaring said...

I couldn't wear my wedding ring when I was prego but that was at about 7 months until the rest of my pregnancy. Even after I had the baby I had to resize my ring so that I could wear it again.I was tired of comments about how I was a single teen pregnancy. I guess my fingers grew and liked what size they were.