Monday, July 20, 2009

It's an Alien!

One of my favorite things lately is to sit and stare at my stomach move from side to side and jump around. It's hilarious! I even got Mark doing it the other day, he said it totally looked like an alien in there or something.

I really gotta start taking more pictures...... It wasn't too hot today, so I took the boys down to the park. They all had a blast on the spinning stuff. Even William helps push and then hops on. They played hard, and deserved a nice treat. Off to the BX for some ice cream! And some school supplies, but the ice cream was by far the more exciting purchase. They have a little cooler with ice cream sandwhiches and cones and stuff. At least they got to enjoy the treat, I had to settle for a fresco taco from Taco Bell. Not sweet...... but still yummy.

They must have played harder than I thought though, William is passed out on one of his favorite napping spots. The couch. That boy hasn't napped on his bed since he was just over 2! He refuses! But at least the couch is comfy, and he sleeps well on it.....

And looking at the clock, I have 45 minutes to figure out and prepare dinner. Yikes! Mark has a short lunch, but tries to come home, so dinner has to be ready to eat when he gets here or he has to eat cereal. And what kind of dinner is that to rush home to?

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