Sunday, July 12, 2009

I must be crazy.....

We did it. We switched the boys over Saturday. All the toys got cleaned up, Oren's bed taken apart and moved to the other bedroom, and the bunkbed set up. Mark did the heavy lifting, I promise. He was.... thrilled..... I'm sure, to get hauled off the computer to lift stuff for me, but he did it anyway. And it only took the boys 2 1/2 hours to get to sleep! Ugh. They also bent the curtain rod, which I fixed, so then they ended up just pulling it all the way down instead.

I also got all the baby stuff except the dresser into the now empty bedroom. It looks odd, and I still have 3 months left, but it all needs cleaned thoroughly before it gets used. The carpet needs cleaned, and I have to decide if I'm just going to stick with the blue baby stuff I made William, or if I'm going to splurge and do the mint and brown - which means all new curtains and bed stuff, and a slipcover for my chair. Pricey, but I want to sooooo bad!

We go to the doctor's on Wednesday for another ultrasound. Last time he was in the 52% for weight, hopefully he's still sitting about there. 26 weeks already! I go back in at 28 for my Rhogam shot and regular appointment.... from there on I go every 2 weeks. Yikes, it's flown by! halfway through July already, Nathan's birthday is in a couple weeks and then school starts. William's birthday in October, and then welcoming baby! Whew!

At least it only took the boys 20 minutes to settle down this time, but then again.... we put them to bed at 10:00 instead of 8:30 tonight. *sheepish grin*


Rachel H. said...

HOORAY! I bet the extra room will be nice!

I can't believe you are already so far through your pregnancy! How exciting that the time is flying without you really realizing! :)

Stephanie said...

Oh, rearranging - you always love doing that, don't you? :-) Hopefully the boys will get used to their new sleeping arrangements quickly and sleep better.

If you do go with the mint and brown, you of course realize that you'll have to take pictures of everything and post them! Let us adore it with you! :-)