Friday, July 10, 2009

Fridays are fun!

Especially when there is nothing you HAVE to do on your schedule!

In fact, we were all kind of bored today. I could have cleaned or something, yes, but I decided not to. I read instead. I did wander out for a bit to buy Mark some new work pants, since he came home last night with paint all over his already faded and worn out ones. But by afternoon we just had to get out of the house!

I've been looking for a shelf or something for the boy's room, so we wandered to the thrift store. No luck on shelves, but they did have a magnifying glass that Oren was immediately attached to. And I found a copy of a cookbook that I have checked out and renewed several times from the local library. A $20 book, for $2.50! Sold!

Then I was either certifiably insane, or very brave. Because I took all 3 boys to eat. By myself, in a sit down restaurant. That's right! The lady seating us had very wide eyes when I said it was just the three boys, and my very pregnant self. :-) Funny thing was, they all three sat right down and started coloring. There was no arguing over crayons, they decided in about 30 seconds what they wanted to eat and drink, and refrained from playing under the table or screaming loudly. Even William! They did fantastic! I've taken them out before, and if they aren't too tired or hungry they usually do pretty well, so I knew they could do it. In fact, an elderly gentleman stopped by our table as he was leaving and commented that I had some very well-behaved children. I love when that happens!

Pushing my luck even further we headed to Walmart, where I got some new rods and curtains for the boys's room. Nathan and William's room doesn't get very dark in the summer, a problem at bedtime. So I found some really cute nautical striped curtains for the windows. I would have made them, but the window is big enough that I would have spent the same amount just to cover the window well enough to cut the light. They were very excited. Now I just have to calm Mark down when he finds out that I heaved myself on top of the dresser and leaned way over to get the screws in.....

And we've decided to move Oren over a bit early. We are going to have the 3 older ones share a room until the baby is a little older, and then it'll be the older 2, and the younger 2 together. So we'll have the bunkbed put together, and the toddler bed all in the same room, along with a double dresser and a single dresser. And all the toys. It was going to wait until closer to October, but I realized that bedtime might be an issue for several weeks, and Oren can't afford to miss that much sleep during the school year. So we'll do it in the next couple weeks, while I can still help lift things, kind of. Then I can get the baby stuff out of the garage and out of reach of the mice in there. And sanitize it all since I found mouse poo on it. Gross!


Melinda said...

Oooh. There's something I hadn't thought of. the amount of time needed for my girls to get used to sharing a room. Guess I'll be moving some furniture soon, too.

Sounds like you had a nice, lazy day! It's good to have days like that.

Stephanie said...

Great job to the boys for being well-behaved! That's such a great accomplishment, I'm glad they did a good job. Oh, dinner in a nice, sit-down restaurant sounds so good right now...

I need to do something about curtains in the kids' room. I have a dark blue sheet pinned up over the window, which works okay, but I really need something darker and thicker to really cut down on the light. Bedtime can be quite a hassle when the kids don't think it's dark enough to sleep!