Monday, June 8, 2009

Honey's Home!

I have slept so well that last couple of nights. Mark got home on Thursday! Sleep was a little elusive while he was gone, the cats make noise in the night and our bed was big and cold. I am so glad he is home!

We got a phone call from his mom Friday night, they were at the Walmart in Mountain Home and wanted to make sure we could sign them in at the gate to the base.


We weren't expecting them until sometime Saturday, they called Thursday night and said they had the weekend off and would be coming over to visit for the weekend. A pleasant suprise to have them come the night before! Of course, Mark wasn't home when they called and I was freaking out a bit. How am I supposed to go get them at the gate with 3 sleeping children? At 11:00 at night? Luckily he walked in a few minutes later so I sent him to meet his mom and sister.

Of course it was a fun filled weekend, quite exhausting. And of course I took pictures. But the camera is all the way out in the car and after watching Amanda's kids all morning and cleaning up from lunch I am a tad exhausted and don't want to walk all the way out there, so I will go get it later and post all the pictures of the fun we had with Grandma and Aunt Mindy, and Oren's birthday non-party get together. (They only have parties every other year, so we didn't have a pinata and games, making it officially not a party...)

Also as of this week, we are on the downhill slide of this pregnancy. 21 weeks! We go in on the 16th for another ultrasound, to check how big he's growing in there. I am hoping to hear back from the doctor soon about the labs he had me do last time.... my A1C numbers. That's my average blood sugar over the last couple months, which is a good picture of how well I am keeping my numbers under control. Crossing my fingers it's good!


Stephanie said...

So glad you got your hubby back, it's hard being the only parent for so long. And don't ya just love unexpected visits from relatives? :-) Looking forward to seeing pictures of all the fun.

Nathan and Esther Manwaring said...

Wow. That is so exciting. You have had a lot of things going on. I am glad you got a visit from your family. That is neat.