Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The 400th Post

So I should have something momentous and deep-thoughted or something. But I don't. Just a plain old busy day!

Which started at about 6:30 this morning when my alarm went off. Yes, I know it's summer, but appointments don't really care. With Mark gone I chose to take the kids to the OB with me rather than ask anybody else to get up that early for me. I had made muffins the night before and we had boiled eggs, so a quick easy breakfast for everyone. Then it was an hour drive to get there before 9 and be on time.

The boys did fantastic! They got to hide under the table during Mommy's exam, which they thought was super cool. I didn't know the doc was planning on a full, strip down to the gown, exam today. He didn't do my initial, the base did, so he wanted to make his own notes and stuff I guess. Fun though with 3 little kids in the room! Heartrate sounded good, and we did make a small adjustment to my meds. I am supposed to take my evening dose at dinner instead of right before I go to bed. Probably so that I have to eat more in the evening and may actually put on weight. I'd lost a couple pounds since my last visit....

Our morning also included a visit to the strangest lab I've ever been in. The place is right next door, and was labeled "Total Care". When we walked in I was sure it was the wrong place, it looked like a spa and cosmetic counter. Seriously! Apperantly besides lab services, they offer: Bone scans, botox, permanent makeup, specialty cosmetics, massages including pregnancy massages. And a couple other things I forget. Okay......

I was able to talk to Mark today, it looks like he should be coming home tomorrow. We haven't told the kids just in case he gets held up or something. It's been a long week without him here, and we can't wait for him to come home! I was talking with the lady who I teach piano for, and she brought her kids over Tuesday and cleaned Nathan's room and folded my mountain of laundry. Then today, she dragged even more of her children over and they scrubbed down all my walls with magic erasers and mopped my considerable amount of non-carpeted flooring! Wow! I don't know what I've done to be blessed with such amazing people, but I am thankful for the services people have done for me while Mark's been gone. I have a very clean house to welcome him home with now, and a lot of my stress is gone with the pencil and chalk and pen that are no longer staining the walls of my home. Tomorrow will be a nice relaxing day, maybe I'll get some of my hall closet cleaned out. But I don't have to go anywhere and just get to look forward to my sweetie coming back!

Of course, to return the service favor, I told my piano mom that since she was wanting to paint her walls or do some stenciling, I would love to come and help her do that and she could borrow the stencils she was admiring in my entryway. Now I feel much better, and hopefully we can get some of it done before we are both too pregnant. She's due 3 weeks before me!

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