Friday, April 3, 2009

Holy Pimples Batman!

This week my face decided to revert that that of an average teenager. And may it be noted that I had great skin my teen years with maybe 3 zits total! So this isn't my average skin, but that of someone maybe less lucky in the complexion area..... I think I would remember if I had this with the boys, so I am taking it as very encouraging and possibly a girl? Laugh all you want Mom, I'm allowed to grasp at straws. :-) I still have about 8 weeks until we have a glance, but it's fun to dream. (And yes Mom, I am thinking about boy stuff too!)

We had Parent/Teacher conference this week for both boys. Oren is reading at a 3rd grade level, about the age of a 8 1/2 year old. He's in first grade, so this is awesome! His teacher is very pleased with his work, his handwriting, and his attitude. Her husband asks how Oren did at school when she comes home, which I find funny. We have been really lucky to have her as a teacher this year and I feel she has set the tone for his classroom skills. The afternoon Ritalin we have him on in addition to his regular morning meds that release all day has really helped his focus after lunch, and was a great choice for him.

Nathan is doing great too. They have a special summer preschool program for the kids that need it before Kindergarten, and I got the great news that Nathan doesn't qualify! Hurray! His cutting is amazing the teacher, he cuts around details instead of cutting though them. His drawing is getting much better too. And they have been working on their letters, he knows all the uppercase and is working on lowercase. He'll put crackers together at snack time, it's Scrabble cheeze-it's or something, and try to make words. He likes to sound out words and try to spell them. Like "soop" for "soup". We're pretty amazed, and feel that he should have no problems at all with Kindergarten.

His mouth is healing great too. Because his speech has improved, so has his confidence in speaking to others, especially at class. He still has a long way to go, but I am so grateful that he is on his way!


Calista said...

Sounds like great things for both boys! It's always so encouraging to see them doing well in school because you know how much they need the successes at this age to help them continue to do well when it gets a whole lot harder! Bummer about the pimple, though :)

Janelle said...

That is so awesome about your boys! I'm glad they're doing so well.

Rachel H. said...

holding out for a girl for you too! Gotta have some balance around there! :)

But hooray for the boys and their successes. How exciting!