Monday, March 30, 2009

Too tired to think of a witty title

Happy day though! I got a phone call from my new OB's office in Boise. They got the referral and I have an appointment for the end of April. I have to go back to the base clinic in a week or so to check my glucose numbers, but then it should be just to Boise after that.

These glucose numbers are going to do me in. 30 weeks of watching every single thing that goes into my mouth? Remember that lovely Bipolar and ADHD thing? I went off my meds, with my doctor's approval of course, before I got pregnant to hopefully avoid some rather nasty birth defects. Which means that life has been rather interesting at times. With Amanda moving, that means lots of stress. And when I am stressed I get depressed. And then I want to eat. Pizza, jelly beans, swiss cake rolls, nutty buddy's, pasta alfredo, peanut butter Captain Crunch....... you name it. These are no good for my sugar numbers. The doctor is going to have a hay day with some of the ones I had today! I must really be diabetic already, because a normal person would have been fine. I'm trying not go eat this stuff, but all I want to do really is take my happy pills again, pay someone to clean my house, and go take a 3 day nap.

I think the stress has started me into a slight depressive episode.

I'm losing my mind too. Oren's teacher called to let me know I missed our parent/teacher conference today. I could have sworn that was tomorrow! The only other opening she has is Wednesday afternoon, which is Nathan's therapy. And a piano lesson. But I need to talk to her and see how his afternoon dose has been working, so I guess the other things will be rescheduled. I don't really know how I mixed the days up! Of course I wasn't home when she called, I was at Amanda's new house helping her get her kitchen put together. Oops!


Janelle said...

Just keep plugging away! You will survive! We all love you!

Rachel H. said...

Oh man! How exhausting and FRUSTRATING! Hang in there. You are doing great--even if you missed an appointment or two. :) Somehow things will work out...they always do. You are doing great!