Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Almost Easter!

Okay, the inspector guy finally showed up at lunchtime on Thursday. He looked around a little, said it looked pretty good, and that was it! We have 7 days to replace the tree that started the whole thing, before housing comes and does it for us. Which would cost us a lot of money, so hopefully Mark can get it done before they try to. Either way we still have to pay for a tree at least a few years old, so the trunk is good and thick, and those don't come cheap. But if they do it we pay for the labor too, so we are hoping to find a tree and get it in. Poor Mark, he got most of the stump out, but can't dig any more hole today because it's cold and rainy outside! So that's all fine now.

We are planning to go to Mom and Dad's tomorrow to do easter eggs. The boys have been asking for weeks, "Is it Easter yet? Can we go to Grandma's house?" And are very sad when I have to tell them it isn't time yet. I got all the eggs today, hurray!

Mark was a sweetie and kept the boys at home so I could run to Walmart by myself this morning. I needed the eggs, plus the boys have ripped holes in more of their jeans so they needed a new pair each. I know patching them would be cheaper, but I just don't have the time or energy, plus patching pants that small is a nightmare! Walmart carries them for a low as $10, so it's not too bad. I got some easter candy, and a ton of light yogurt! Yummy! Plus a nice ham for Sunday dinner. Got to have ham on Easter Sunday, it's a requirement!

On Wednesday I went to the doctor's to check up on my blood sugar levels. She was very not happy with them, as was I. So I am now on Glyburide, which is an anti-diabetic medication that makes my body produce more insulin. I used it with William and responded very well to it. Problem is that because I am already having to start it so early, chances of me being on insulin by the end is a lot higher. And basically my body is now producing insulin whether I am eating sugar/carbs or not, so I am very prone to low sugar levels. I've had to figure out an eating schedule and carb amount that keeps everything stable all day, and found that mini-snickers in my purse is literally a life-saver. It is nice to eat a bowl of pasta though and know that I'm okay 2 hours later. As much of a hassle as this all is, it's all worth it. I haven't seen a nutritionist, but since this is my 3rd time I'm doing pretty well, and I don't mind doing my research on diabetic diet plans while pregnant. I go back next week to the doctor to see how my levels are responding and possibly put me on a nighttime dose to help my morning numbers too. I don't know how often the Boise ob will want to see me, but with William I was in every week. Yikes! That would make for a very long next 26-28 weeks!

It's a good thing I have cute kids, because they make it totally worth the work!

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Melinda said...

Hee, hee. Pregnant brain had NOTHING to do with it. I had written them, saved them, and waited until I wanted to come out with it. Don't're not crazy!