Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1st appointment

We went to our 1st OB appointment today! Some may think it didn't go so well, but I feel it was great. Below is our first look at baby Willford! Baby's head is bottom left side, and it's bottom is top right. The bright white object between head and body is a hand that kept waving at us. We have a little jumping bean!

We are measuring right on for our dates, and baby's heartbeat is a strong 175, which is awesome. Everything is looking good. The doctor likes to try and look for gender, because it's fun, and we did get a good view at the rear end. But 10 wks is far too early to tell any difference at this point, baby is just too small and they both look the same at the moment anyway.

The part that some people may say didn't go well is that my 1 hour glucose test was a little high at 147, the cutoff for having to do the test is about 140. But since I have been monitering my fasting glucose and it is already higher than they want they won't make me do the 3 hour, and want me to assume that I am already diabetic. Which means finger pricks and all that. That's fine! I count it as good because I don't have to do the test again!

I also will be seeing an off-base doctor up in Boise. She felt that with my diabetes history, and placenta problems, early deliveries, and NICU babies that I would be better off delivering at St. Lukes in Boise to be near the NICU and to cope with any emergencies that may come up. This hospital can't do insulin during labor, and since I may need to shoot up this time that would pose a problem. Again, some may not think this is good news, but I am thrilled. I just had a feeling that I needed to talk to them about delivery off-base, and the doctor beat me to it. She's putting in the referral and I am to come back in 2 weeks if I don't have an appointment with the new doctor by then. Just to check my sugars and the light bleeding. This referral will mean a lot of gas, because Boise is an hour away, but I will do whatever I have to do!

I am also supposed to take it easy because she could see the bleeding and that some of it is coming from up inside the uterus. She couldn't tell where, so we are erring on the side of caution. It's just a tiny amount and takes so long to get out that by the time it does it is brown, but she wants to be safe. No working out, and lots of time with my feet up. I guess I am packing 1 box every couple of days or something, and may just start saving money to have someone clean the kitchen and bathrooms like Amanda did. I think so long as I go slowly we should be fine.

So I will be nicely monitered this time around, which is just what I was hoping for. And I didn't even have to fight Tricare tooth and nail for it! Hurray! A great 1st appointment!


Janelle said...

The little bean is so cute already! And it's awesome that you're being monitored so closely this time around. That will make a huge difference.

Rachel H. said...

OH SO CUTE AND LITTLE! I hope everything is okay--you take it easy and let that little bean grow! I am glad your doctors are taking precautions and hope you get the best care!

Jake & Lisa Danes said...

What a cute little bean! I am so glad that you get to see an off base doctor. I never had my boys on base(they ran out of room) but I heard that horror stories. So I am glad for you! Take care and follow the Dr.'s advice!

Calista said...

Congrats on expecting your new little "bean"! I know I haven't checked in a lot lately, but I'm glad to hear that you'll have excellent care. I know it's hard with three boys racing around you, but take care of yourself :)

Melinda said...

So exciting!!! We're thinking of you as you are worried about complications and such. Like Calista said, get the rest you can!

Nathan and Esther Manwaring said...

How exciting. That is so neat to see your little baby. Definitely take it easy.