Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank heavens for Friday!

Mark was sitting here, watching Jay Leno and eating those flaming hot cheetos, when he looked at the back of the bag and said, "Hey! These have a ton of red #40 in them!" Oren is sensitive to red #4o food dye and had been eating them for the last couple days! That would explain his behavior and his "accident" at school that required me to run a change of clothes instead of taking a nap.... Oops!

I had this huge craving for flaming cheetos, so I bought them. I ate them that day and haven't been able to do them very well since then. At least the boys enjoyed them! I have also craved Whoppers from Burger King, and Quarter Pounders with Cheese from MacDonalds. Microwaved chicken nuggets are not appealing in the least. It's interesting, to say the least. Pork chops sound fine, but were a huge "no" with Oren and Nathan. William was my easiest, because I had been in a huge car accident and was dealing with a lot, so I think I was blessed with an easy beginning. Sometimes I want sweets, and sometimes I can't stand them. Gotta love it!

Nathan is doing great. His mouth still hurts so he gets lots of motrin. The tylenol with codeine was making him very restless at night, and drowsy during the day, so we quit that stuff. Much of the nasal congestion / swelling is gone, and I can already hear a huge improvement. He still sounds a little nasally, but more speech therapy should help with that. I think it will never be fully gone, but he can articulate much better now, and his pressure constonants are much clearer!


Kathy & Dave Whittle said...

Okay, I'm just catching up on people's blogs tonight - I had no idea of your "news" - Congratulations!! Let's hope for an easy pregnancy with very few sickies.... I'm sure Emily would love a little sibling, but I'm afraid our little dog, Chipper, is the closest thing she's going to get to one. :)

Rachel H. said...

Thank heavens for Friday is RIGHT! Sounds like you need a good, long weekend...hope it was! :)