Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wow, I cooked!

That's right! Not just stuff out of a can, or frozen..... actually standing by the stove and making a sauce from scratch. Ham with creamy mushroom sauce, steamed carrots, brussel sprouts with butter, bread and jam.... At the table, with both forks and spoons! Yay me! I am so proud of myself, because of late it has taken too much energy to do more than macaroni and cheese, or microwave chicken nuggets. I am not sure what we have eaten for dinner the last week or so, because I don't recall cooking at all. Sad, huh?

Not only did I cook, but it was after cleaning my living room, and teaching piano for 1 1/2 hours straight! I don't recall being this tired with Nathan and William. With Oren I was working full time and did take naps occasionally. This time I am tired 2 hours after getting up! I had an hour nap this morning, and could probably take another after getting kids from school.

At least the dishes got done this morning, after my nap! Mark has been wonderful, even though I am sure it is frustrating to see me sit down and close my eyes. Again. He has been working on a chore chart for everyone to help divvy up the labor around here so I don't have to do all of it. From making beds, to clearing dishes, even helping with the litter box. Nothing motivates like stickers, so we'll see how this works!

I had to go to the most boring 2 1/2 hour orientation yesterday. For all the new pregnant ladies on the base.... Joy! I got out of it last time, but there was a new nurse and she didn't care that this is my 4th pregnancy. "It's mandatory....." Great. I was able to answer some questions for a nice lady next to me on her first baby, like the fact it's wonderful she doesn't have morning sickness- be thankful! No snacks served, and no breaks. Very smart- don't give snack breaks to women who are trying not to get sick everywhere..... yeah. I love this base!

On the plus side, I may get in soon for my glucose test- with that nasty drink. I have been monitering my sugar numbers, since I got diabetes with Nathan and William, and they are already getting high. It's early for that, which worries me a little, I don't like the idea of insulin later on but will do it if I have to. So I filled out the risk assesment paperwork at OB yesterday and the nurse will review it and call me before my appointment..... in the meantime I will keep monitering, and trying to eat right.

(Yawn.) Better get up and moving before I get too tired again!


Stephanie said...

You know, I didn't think the glucose drink was all that nasty. It tasted like soda to me.

Kinda silly that you had to do that pregnancy orientation thing. You probably know more about pregnancy by now than the lady teaching it!

Rachel H. said...

How weird that they made you go there! Well, I am sure you passed on some valuable info!

Are you going to find out what you are having???

Michelle said...

I don't mind the cola, or lemon-lime. It's the orange flavor I can't stand.

And actually, I have had three, while the teacher only had two! :-)

Rachel, we are kind of thinking we'll be suprised this time. Maybe. Problem is that I like to watch the ultrasounds, and I know most of what I am looking at by now. Unless it's girl bits.... ;-)