Monday, December 8, 2008

A Black and Blue Birthday

I broke my toe.

I did not know I broke my toe until the ER did 7 x-rays.

I did not go in to the ER until this evening, although I broke it last night, because I didn't have time and because it didn't bruise until this morning.

I broke it kicking Oren's dresser. On accident.

I kicked Oren's dresser on accident because I was angrily pushing my carpet cleaner into his room at 9 pm.

I was angrily pushing my carpet cleaner into his room, and therefore not watching where my toe was going, at 9 pm, because I kneeled on a wet spot on his floor.

Oren had peed on the floor.

Oren broke my toe.


As to the seven x-rays... my left pinkie toe touches the floor while standing. My right one does not now. And I have a gorgeous black and blue bruise all the way around the poor toe. Amanda said it was broken and I should have it checked out to make sure it didn't need set or something. I got in there and explained about my toe, which is quite an embarrasing thing to request an x-ray for, and they called in the radiologist. He was at home, and they called him in for a toe. He took 3 views and sent them to the doc.

My little toes are a little odd. They sort of grew sideways. Not all the way sideways, just a little. Just enough to make the bones crooked. The poor doc thought I had banged it really good to get the bones to look that bent in the joints, so he had the radiologist do the same three views on my left foot for comparison. Too funny...

Now, because my toe is a little sideways and the bones are slightly crooked, you have to turn it funny to get a good x-ray for one of the angles. So I had to do another one so they could see the profile of the underside.

That's 7. 7 x-rays. And sure enough, it's broken. When I kicked the dresser, it buckled the joint and knocked a small chip off the back of the bone. The very smallest toe bone where it connects to the next bone. Absolutely nothing they can do, I don't need to tape it, please don't stub my toe again for a while. Have a great night.

What a birthday!

Mom Willford got the camera sent off for me, and I got it Saturday. I have just been unable to find any time at all to post the pictures from our Thanksgiving pinata, and I would post them now except I seem to be having issues uploading pictures. So I will attempt them later.


Rachel H. said...

DARN IT! What a rough day!!! And a birthday nonetheless? No fair!!

Hope you get lots of R & R in the next few weeks while it heals...maybe you can catch up on blogging since it seems to be in spurts now. :) Miss hearing from ya! Love to know what's going on in your life!!

Michelle said...

Actually, it's funny. I wasn't going to go in except Mark and Amanda both yelled at me and made me go. It doesn't even hurt unless one of the boys jumps on my foot. I know I've been MIA for a while, just when I thought I was busy, someone sets out to prove me wrong. "See, you can fit more than that into your schedule!" Maybe I can get in a good update today?

Stephanie said...

Oh ouch! I think I broke my little toe once, because I caught it on something and it turned out sideways and got bruised all over an entire half of my foot. I remember it being extremely painful! I just don't remember when or where it happened, or even how. Anyway, hope it feels better really soon!

And yuck to kneeling in pee! I hate finding out about an accident that way. But you can be thankful (a little bit) that you have a good carpet cleaner for it. We have to sop up what we can with rags, then sprinkle on baking soda and vacuum it up the next day. I think a carpet cleaner would make it a little easier, just remember not to walk near any large pieces of furniture!

Farrell Family said...

Happy birthday! Bummer about the toe, but I'm glad everything is okay. I guess if you're going to break a bone that's the one to break, huh.
I hope you're able to enjoy some kind of birthday celebration.

Melinda said...

I'm so sorry!! What a pain!

Well, happy birthday, anyway! I was thinking of you and realizing that we're so close in b-days...something I never noticed before.

Hope today's better!

Nicia said...

Happy Birthday! What a pit though! Hope you feel better soon!

Kathy & Dave Whittle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your toe! What a bummer to happen on your birthday!! Happy Birthday anyway :)