Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stickers are Awesome!!!!

Nathan has been mostly potty trained for a long time now. He has had no problem at all with #1, but with the muscles not working right in his throat, #2 has been a little trickier. I know, it's weird, but apperantly the two are connected some how. Those muscles tighten and help you go.


For the last 3 days now, he has gone and sat on the potty.... did his thing.... wiped all by himself.... and flushed it all away! I have been waiting for this for months! Just all of a sudden, bam!

He has been getting used to his muscles moving a little differently now, and I figured we may as well try to hit the bowel thing hard. I really didn't want to hold him back from kindergarten a year because of a potty issue, since he is so much taller than the kids his age already. Now I won't have to! Since we'll be hitting the therapy hard, he should make enough improvement in his speech to be just fine.

I am so glad we did this surgery!

I put a chart on the wall. 6 blue squares, and 1 red one per row. One sticker in each square and when he hits 7 he'll get a special reward. At first we were doing a sticker just for trying, but after 2 days of that he caught on to what I have been talking about for months. I made a huge deal over this, of course, and gave him an ice cream sundae with all the works. He was very proud of himself, and agrees that it's cool not to have that squished all over his bottom anymore.

Hopefully, this will continue and my diaper budget will plunge down! Which is totally possible, because the last few days, when William poops, he doesn't want to sit down and tries to yank off his diaper. Hmmm... Is he really ready? I don't know how to train a 2 year old!


Kathy said...

Wow, I had NO idea the throat and the other were connected! Yeah for Nathan, and for soon to be more money in the budget!

Stephanie said...

Yay for Nathan! I'm so glad he's figuring it out.

Rachel H. said...

TRIPLE HOORAY! I had no idea those "parts" were connected. Who woulda thunk???

Here's to lots of progress and the possibility of all three boys potty trained! Then you can start over with a new baby in diapers! :)

CissaLynn said...

Oh, that is such WONDERFUL news!!!! Go, Nathan!!!! :))
Isn't it amazing what body parts are connected to one another?! Who would have thought?!

Have a good week, girl!!!

I just re-read what I wrote and the "body parts being connected" part totally sounds hilarious!!! :)) But.....you know what I meant, huh??!! :)))