Saturday, November 15, 2008

Adventures in Diapers

I know that my last post was potty related, so I'll just devote a small amount of space to it this time.

I am really thinking that William will be ready soon to start full fledged training soon. He has been taking off his diaper when it's wet or messy. Not every time, but still... He came up to Mark yesterday and told him "Poop." Sure enough, he was messy. He was in the bathroom while Mark was combing his hair, and Daddy was telling him what the potty was for, since William was by the toilet. William left and came up and said "Help pee!"

We're just a little excited, sorry if it's a little too much information.

On to other things! I feel so bad for missing so many things in everyone's lives, all those posts. I seem to be constantly on the go lately. Either everyone's sick, or I have to go to Boise for things, or people are moving and their house is so filthy that it takes me 3 hours to scrub their bathroom from top to bottom and it's still not done. After that, Mark agreed that our house really isn't that bad after all. Even at it's worst, it's never been quite that bad. I would go back and help today, but between Mark and I, he moving heavy furniture and taking it to the storage shed, and me doing packing and cleaning, we have put in over 12 hours already. They knew about this move 3 months ago, and put things off until 3 days before their final inspection. Lovely. Plus, Oren and I are getting colds, and I don't feel like kneeling on gross bathroom floor again.

Nathan went to see Dr. Beck yesterday. She cleared him for intensive speech therapy, 3 times a week. We go back in 3 months to see if he'll need the other surgery. He's healing well, but still has a way to go, it'll take another several weeks before everythings healed. But he's already sounding much clearer on several sounds, when we remind him to open his mouth when he speaks.

We also decided to get William off the pacifier. We cut the tip off of one, and are throwing the other ones we find away. It's time. He'll live.


Stephanie said...

Yeah, I'm glad that Mom and Janelle came and helped me pack, because it's forcing me to accept that this move is happening, and that I really do need to work on getting the apartment ready. So I have two weeks to prepare, instead of just three days. But the bathroom will still be an adventure to clean...

Melinda said...

We don't mind you missing little tidbits if you're so busy and all! SO glad to hear that the surgery is continuing to heal well and that miracles are happening with his speech.

I hope you don't wear yourself out working on other peoples' homes and not have anything to give to your own. Good luck@

Rachel H. said...

I'm pretty much ready to fly you out here because you are an intense cleaning machine! I need you!!!

No worries about missing the happens. We all understand!