Sunday, October 12, 2008

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Mittens! Our brand new family member... Kind of a suprise addition, but a very cute, fluffy one.

Amanda came for dinner and wanted to show us some adorable kittens just posted on Craigslist, living in Mountain Home. One was an orange tabby, that our friend wanted, Amanda wanted one of the calicos - there were 2 - and I fell in love with the calico cuteness too. They drove down to look at them, and I called Mark to see what he thought. He agreed on the condition that I can't pester him for a puppy for a long time. I am still allowed to tease him about it though. Agreed!

I told Amanda I would love one of the calicos, so she brought home both and let me choose which one I wanted. The first one was bigger, and a lot more skittish. Mittens was one of the smallest and the lady said that her personality was a lot more outgoing and curious. Seeing how noisy and active our house is, I decided to go with the outgoing one, because the other sweetie was literally shaking in her furry little boots.

Jade was not a happy camper, but that's because there were 4 adults and 5 kids in the kitchen, loudly exclaiming over the 3 new kittens. Someone brought Jade in and plopped her by the new kitten, so we had an actual hissy fit from her. Mittens' safe room is currently in my bathroom, since I have the sink room and the room with the toilet. She is in the sink portion. We have food and water dishes set up, a kitten sized litter box from Jade, and a basket with a blanket for a bed. She cryed a little during the night, but not too bad.

This morning we started introducing the 2, Jade did a lot better without so much chaos. She even went into the kitten's room while we had Mittens out and sniffed around. That's a good sign. She has hissed a little this morning, and did some growling, but for the most part has just sat in her cat carrier, she feels safe there, and watches the new kitten.

When we got her, Oren asked if Mittens would be his kitten. Mark and I discussed it last night and agreed that would be an excellent idea. Having a pet to be responsible for is actually a really good thing for ADHD kids. Responsibility and routine. So he will be in charge of the litter box, and her food and water. I'll be reinforcing he duties, believe me. When we told him this morning that she was his, his whole face lit up!

I know it's a little crazy to add another animal, but the fish are gone, the hamster isn't a problem, and once they get used to each other the cats will keep each other company. It'll be good for Oren, and I won't be outnumbered! Plus, she was free, and I don't have to housebreak her! :-)


Stephanie said...

How fun! She's absolutely adorable!

Michelle said...

By the way- Mark held her and the first thing he said was "She's so cute!" In a crooning voice that women usually use. Too funny! He got to name her, since she started purring the secong he held her, and so she was christened Mittens. She has white paws. What a guy!

CissaLynn said...

Awww! How sweet is that?! We have two cats, as well. I grew up w/cats, so I am definately a "cat" girl!!! :))

I just read Steph's blog about Thomas and his leg, then I come check out yours and read about William!!!! When it rains, it pours, huh??!!! I am sooooo glad to hear that he is okay!!!! Very scary!!! :) I think I would treat my kids to a new little kitty, too, after going thru that!!! :))
Take care, girl!!! Have a good week!!!

Kathy said...

She is so adorable! I think it's great that she will be Oren's kitty. Emily takes care of Chipper's food and water. It's great for them to have responsibility. Welcome, Mittens!

Rachel H. said...

Good luck with that one! How fun to have another pet running around!