Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Happy news! We got the approval for that special scope Dr. Beck wants! So there won't be a problem going to the appointment we scheduled before everything was cleared, just so he could get in sooner if possible.

Not so happy news. William ate my left contact Saturday. I am out of contacts. I now have to wear my glasses, which are super cute, but I prefer contacts. I have to turn my head, I can't just move my eyes for things to stay in focus. But I just can't justify the $40 for new contacts when we have to come up with surgery deposits. So, glasses it is.

I have taken so many pictures, but haven't found the time to edit and post them. I have several recipes that haven't made it onto my page yet. There is laundry that is folded and still in leaning, towering piles on my folding counter. My floor got swept several times today, and still looked like I haven't touched it for weeks as soon as dinner was over.

We took the boys' bunk bed apart. William discovered that he could climb up to the top bunk. When he did it 3 times before we even left to take Oren to school I decided that it was coming down that morning. What a pill! He still likes climbing on Oren's bed and jumping, but now it is much safer, and much closer to the ground!

More happy news. I have been trying to work on food storage lately. Everytime I go to the store, I pick up a few storage items: powdered milk, canned fruit, sugar, tuna... All that stuff. Stuff we actually use, because if you don't already cook with it you'll never get it rotated and it will all go bad! I took an inventory today to see where we were at, and several things I have my 6 months worth, which is awesome! I have 3 months of about half the list. Still working on all the flour and sugar and whatnot, but making progress! It's very encouraging to see how far we have actually gotten on that project. I am keeping an eye out at the base wood pile for pieces I can use to make shelves. And sliding things for putting food under the bed to have easier access to it. Just pull the box out and grab the thing, then push it back under!

Oren did a lot better at soccer this week. We couldn't keep him off the ground last week, but a friend loaned us some cleats and better shin guards that aren't so bulky. He isn't tripping and sliding near as much, and has made some pretty good stops and kicks. We are very proud of him for trying a new sport that he didn't know anything about, and working hard at it!

Not so happy news. We did a sports physical for Nathan to do Smart Start soccer so he wouldn't feel left out. They do a small vision screening. You know, tell them the picture up close and far away with both eyes. According to them his vision is about 50/20 or 20/50, whichever is the nearsighted one. Of course, that's on their not very sophisticated screening, so they recommended that he see the optometrist. Which we should have him do anyway, because I needed glasses badly by the end of 1st grade - beginning of 2nd. I put on my first pair and told Mom, "I can see the leaves on the trees!" Pretty bad. Better safe than sorry, right? Don't worry, we don't have to pay for the exam. But if they say he needs glasses, that's completely out of pocket. Crossing our fingers on that one! I am not going to worry about that at the moment though. We are just taking one thing and one day at a time.

So those are some of the bits and pieces of the last week. Sometime, I'll get those pictures posted. Sometime, I'll get to those recipes. Sometime, I may even put the clothes away... :-)


Rachel H. said...

Sounds like a lotta great news from you!! SO GLAD TO HEAR! (MINUS THE EYE DR. THINGY) And hooray for your food storage. Once we move, I am gonna hit that hard! :)

Stephanie said...

Don't you love the feeling when you look at all the food you have stored, and you know that if something were to happen you could subsist on that for months? Yeah, it's cool.

Jeff has better-than-perfect vision, and my vision is awful, so we're hoping that the kids get a nice blend of the two of us, and just end up with plain old perfect vision! Here's hoping!

Melinda said...

Talk about a roller coaster! I'm glad about your food storage, it motivates me. Good luck with the scope and eye dr!

Kathy said...

So nice when there's a roll of good news. That's great about your food storage - such a good feeling! We've been using ours a lot and depleted it quite a bit, so I've been trying to build it back up.

CissaLynn said...

Hey there! Bummer about the glasses thing (yours and Nathans). I feel your pain 'cause I just had an eye exam and need to get glasses. It is a "low" prescription, but it stinks 'cause they cost so much. Plus, both my boys wear glasses. The funny thing is that I never, ever wore glasses and usually when you "get to be my age" you need glasses for reading, but no, not me. I am having a harder time seeing things farther away. Go figure! I haven't gotten my glasses yet, but soon! I have to admit, I have a slight obsession about my eyes. I had "dry eyes" for almost 8 yrs. before any dr. discovered it. I would go to dr. after dr. and they would tell me I was fine (meanwhile it felt like something was in my eye). Needless to say, I became obsessed and by the time we figured out it was dry eyes, I had turned into a crazy person and kinda still am where my eyes are concerned! Whoooo! Long enough comment??!! :)) Anyway, now that I need glasses, it is a little scary for me. I will be praying for you guys and Nathan and please pray for me, too!!! :))) Thanks!
I also just read some about Nathan needing some additional testing for his speech. I will be praying for that, too!
Have a good weekend!