Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Big Game!

Well, Nathan's stuff wasn't the only thing that happened this week. Oren had his first soccer game ever! I took some video, but it was too long to post, and I missed the funny part when Oren and another girl collided. She stayed down and cried so they paused the game. Oren wasn't paying attention and ran the ball the rest of the way down the field before they could stop him. That was a lot of laughs! :-)

I did take a break long enough yesterday to put together a slide of the best pictures, and found a sound clip to put it to. The music is actually from a piece that Mark and I played with the Symphonic Band in college, our big end-of-the-year concert that was recorded and made into a cd. Cool, huh? Who knew it would have the perfect little clip, for a soccer game 7 years later!

I played this for Oren, and he was so excited to see something put together, just for him. Nathan was tired, and William had just woken up from a nap, so Daddy and I were the ones doing all the cheering. And maybe we'll bring seats next time.... But hey, this is our first sports game for one of our kids! What fun!


Stephanie said...

That is too cute! What a fun slide show. He looks so excited and happy to be out on the field playing. And I would have loved to see it when he kept running the ball down the field even though the game was paused. Too funny! Way to go Oren, on having your first soccer game! :-)

Rachel H. said...

Oh how fun! Way to go, takin' some time to make that cute little video!

Melinda said...

Too cute!

Kathy said...

How fun to make a video for Oren! Emily actually just finished her soccer season - her last game was last night. It's so cute to watch them out on the field. I'm a big cheerer.