Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My 301st Post!

I didn't look until after I had posted that my "Gunfighter" post was #300. So I'll celebrate this one instead!

A big, huge thank you to Rachel, who happened to be on MSN messenger at the same time I was on the computer. I didn't even know that I was logged into it until she sent me a little chat message-y thing! We got talking and I asked her where they were living now, and she sent me to her blog to find out. I am sure Mark occasionally wishes that little conversation never happened, because I am totally addicted!

I so much enjoy getting to know all of you, since we have always lived so far away. I knew you all before, but I feel so much closer now. When I got to hold Lizzie at the reunion, I wasn't meeting her for the first time, just getting to hold a cutie that I already knew! And I could chuckle over Maddie's haircut, because I had an idea of her little personality. The reunion was a blast!

It seems incredible that I have posted 300 times now. 300 stories of our life. And I look forward to many more!

Like this one: William is too funny. He is at that stage where he is starting to fight his naps. Not every day, but some afternoons he just really doesn't feel like sleeping. We kind of have quiet time in his room anyway, so he can relax and so can I. Yesterday he didn't fall asleep. He figured it would be funner to play instead. So he spent an hour and a half playing quietly in his room. No biggie.

But about 5:30, after 20 straight minutes of screaming at the top of his lungs, Mark finally gave him his pacifier and threw a blanket at him. He quit and I went back to dishes. Mark turned around to look for Oren's shoes and when he looked back at William, this is what he saw!

My kids can sleep anywhere and through anything! And yes, he always sleeps with a blanket over his head. Nathan did the same thing, but he's grown out of it now.

I carefully moved him to his bed and figured he would wake up in an hour or so. Nope! I guess his body needed it because he didn't wake up until 6:45 this morning! Let's just say that he ate a pretty big breakfast.

He must have grown overnight too, because his PJ's looked a little shorter tonight, and he just looked a little more boy than he did this weekend. Someone told me that most of our growing is done at night, when our bodies are at rest. Makes sense to me, and I believe it!

By the way, he spent most of the day walking around with the overalls unsnapped. These big overalls, and thoses skinny little legs... :-)


Nicia said...

Congrats on the "301st" post! That's very exciting! I too am so glad we all are into the blogging world. It definitely has been fun to get to know you all!

Melinda said...

Happy three hundredth! (And one)

I agree, the best part of the reunion was just chatting, not spending the whole time catching up on the last two years...or however long since we'd seen one another!

Lizzie just started sleeping with her blankie like that. It has to be just the right one, too. It's exciting (and sad and a reality check) when they grow like that, so fast.

Stephanie said...

Zaylee covers her head to sleep too. When we put her to bed she lays on her back with the blanket tucked up under her chin. But whenever I go in to get her up, she's curled up with the blanket over her head. Silly kids.

Kathy & Dave Whittle said...

It's been so fun getting to know your family better through your blog! Love the picture of William with the blanket over his head. Treasure these sweet moments, they go way too fast.

CissaLynn said...

That is the CUTEST picture!!! :)) What a little sweetie!!! :)

Congrats on your 300/301 post! I have no idea what post I am on! I will have to go back and check it out!

Have a good weekend!!! :))

P.S. Both of my boys ended up giving up naps at age 3!!! Can you believe it??!!! If I gave them a nap by age 3, they would be up past midnight, so it ended up not being worth it! I did do what you are doing and give them "quiet time," but if they fell asleep, they would be up VERY late. Soooo, I was glad to hear that William slept all night for you!!! :))