Thursday, July 17, 2008

I did it!

I spent the morning doing maintenance cleaning: sweeping, vaccuming, laundry. Lots of laundry. Just so I would have the afternoon free for another cleaning project.

A big thank you to Mom and Steph for letting me talk their ears off while I cleaned my room. Yes, that's right, I got my room cleaned! Hurray! I have sadly neglected my own spaces whilst keeping everything else looking good. I even did some straightening of the bathroom. Cleared the trash off the counter and took all the trash out of the bathroom. The toilet can wait... maybe tomorrow. I am thoroughly exhausted. Mark has no idea that I was going to tackle that project, he'll be very excited when he gets home and goes to put his uniform away. I love suprising him like that!

You know what every mother's nightmare wakeup is? "Mommy, I threw up."

"Is is a little throw up or a big throw up?" (half asleep still)

"A big one..."

Great. Just what I want to deal with very tired and before breakfast. He said a big one, what he should have said was it was all over his pillow, both sheets, fleece blanket and big quilt, the wall dripping down to the floor... Lovely.

But that is all cleaned up now, and of course he has been running around just fine today. I kept him home from school just to be safe. What was odd is that Zaylee did the same thing this morning. Threw up, had some diarreah, then was fine! How weird is that!?!

Busy day all together, but this is a good kind of tired. I want to get everything clean so that maintenance will be so much quicker, therefore more likely to get done. I don't want to be one of those anal mom's who are at their family all the time to pick things up, I don't have time for that, plus that's all I would do all day and my kids would suffer. I need to find a nice medium that allows time for the kids, keeping the house decent, and saving my sanity with some "me" time.

And somewhere in this I am hoping to find the time to get Nathan a quilt made for his birthday. I only have a few weeks left. Mom is loaning me a quilt frame thingy she has so I can tie it, and I designed a really simple square for the top, 12x12, that I will make a bunch of and sew together. I had all the stuff hanging around in my fabric stash, even the stuff for the backing, so I don't have to buy anything. Amanda crochets and has tons of yarn, and is donating some for the tying! I love using stuff up, and giving my boys awesome gifts for little money!


Stephanie said...

A quilt; what a great gift! You put me to shame - we got Thomas a small, simple toy car for his birthday, and it will double as cake decor. But he's only going to be a year old - too young to know the difference. :-)

Anyway, glad to help! I'm glad you were able to get your room cleaned up, I need to work on ours. It's not bad, but could use some work. I think it's so funny that you found that two-year-old Halloween candy in your closet - heehee!

Michelle said...

I wouldn't have decided on a quilt except for the fact that I already have all the stuff, and my table is regularly cleaned so I have space to do it! :-)

Feel free to call me and talk my ear off if you need, I know I clean better when I talk. (I do lots of stuff while talking. Although, I think I do better than I used to, at least with the interrupting...)