Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Outside Delight! (Pics of the Day #43)

Or, I should say, I delight in the light outside. Bright and sunny, and I have flowers. Perfect for picture taking! The kids have been banished to the back yard for a while, it was getting too noisy in here for my comfort. Nathan is superman today, complete with the red cape!

I love how kids have the imagination to be anything they want to be. Have you ever watched your 2 year old hold an entire conversation with a toy phone? Such free spirits should be able to soar!

When we first moved here, it was October. A dismal, brown and grey month. Nothing is growing, and we had no idea what the promise of spring would bring. The people here before us planted a few perennials, including these yellow daylilies. I have 5 bushes of these bright yellow flowers in my backyard, and would love to put some in the front as well. When they started popping up it was like Christmas in the yard! New suprises every where. Now, in our third summer here, I still look forward to the first flowers blooming a brilliant yellow.

And, my roses are beginning to shine. The last family planted this pink rosebush. The flowers are large, and smell divine. I love to have the roses floating in a glass bowl on my table, so I can smell them. The bush is nicely grown now, and so I planted a new bush last summer. Dark burgandy roses, a bit smaller, but still beautiful. They have begun to bud, and will be in full bloom soon. I think I want some red ones for the front yard, big and bold, but still delicate.


Rachel H. said...

What a beautiful SURPRISE! Sunshine and all! Glad you were able to enjoy your day and everyone could get out and run their wiggles away!

Farrell Family said...

So beautiful...the weather and the flowers. Glad everyone was able to get out and enjoy it!