Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chef Boy-It's-Yummy!

I don't have the faintest idea why, but I have been in a cooking mood the last couple of days. I even sat down and planned a menu up to Sunday night!

Tonight, after browsing through tons of recipes, I have chosen to make slow-cooked carnitas tacos. It's not an authentic recipe, you cook it in a crock pot. But it sounds good! Pork roast, slow cooked with spices and shredded. Serve on tortillas with avacado and red peppers and salsa. Or whatever your family likes. There will be olives on our table, you better believe it.

And of course, I need to make at least one dessert this week. So I am right now baking the cake for an Orange Dream Trifle! The fun part is that I am taking the basic concept from an orange cake dessert, and changing up the cake recipe, and layering the whole thing in a bowl. Steph has inspired me to take a recipe and put my own twist on it.

So I will be posting those recipes later tonight, with photos, and the family's review.

Also on the menu for this week: homemade pizzas with the works, and Grilled Turkey Salsa Verde Burgers. Something with sauteed red cabbage on the side, and flounder fillets with some sort of creamy sauce. I also have scallops I may toss with garlic - red pepper linguine, before they get freezer burnt. I found them in the back of the freezer while putting the flounder away!


Melinda said...

More pork? It sounds yummy, anyway.

And I'm really looking forward to the cake recipe!

Michelle said...

Yes, I realized after I had thawed out the meat that it was pork again. Oops... This sounds like it would be good with beef or chicken also, it's basically shredded taco meat. But I think that's all the pork for this week! (At least it's lean cuts and cheap.)

Rachel H. said...

yUyum, yum!!! I love the inspiration for dinner ideas--so thanks for the HUGE amount you give!