Thursday, June 19, 2008

And the Verdict is in.

I got dinner finished and on the table. We served up the plates. We prayed over our food. They took a bite, and.....

Success! They loved it. The kids even ate up the red pepper and avocados, and tomatillo salsa! Every bite gone off their plates! Except for William, but he doesn't like food like sandwiches or tacos, where everything is rolled up or mashed together. Oren was the same way, we had to separate everything into little piles when we made casserole. I posted the recipes, head over and take a look. The trifle is a beauty, if a bit on the huge side.

I was up quite a bit earlier than I would have liked. When Mark came out before 7:00 this morning to put his boots on, Nathan was on the couch. His tummy was hurting him. Sure enough, by 7:15 he was in our bathroom crying and throwing up. This probably doesn't seem early, but Mark's alarm had woken me up at 6:00 and I had barely gone back to sleep. I took care of him, settled him on the couch, and the noise woke up William. So he was up at 7:30. Oren got up around 8:00. I guess compared to the school year it's sleeping in, but lately they have been sleeping until around 9:30. *Gasp* I know...

Nathan fell asleep on the couch around 9:00, and slept until noon. Guess he needed it. I was very impressed, the other 2 were being very loud all morning, William kept sitting on Nathan because he wanted to play. :-)

Whatever was wrong this morning went away because he was just fine the rest of the day. I just hope he falls asleep tonight!

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Melinda said...

Hope Nathan gets to feeling better soon.

That dinner does look awesome. That trifle will have to find a way into my kitchen. (I don't know where, between the cinnamon rolls, rhubarb crisp and strawberry shortcake already on the menu...) But I WANT it!