Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy Little Bees

Oren had high aspirations today. He really wants to earn his special Crayola stuff I got for him. 25 cents at a time, for each chore he gets to fill in a circle. He's earned almost 2 dollars! He did a really good job: picked up all the trash in the living room; cleaned my closet; cleaned the mirrors and sink in his bathroom; cleaned the tv and living room windows; helped Daddy move bark in the backyard; scrubbed pencil and watercolor paint off the wall.

In the meantime I got 3 loads of laundry washed, dried, and put away. 1 load of dishes. Swept the living room and dining room. Scrubbed the boys' toilet. Cooked amazing banana bread (see my food blog) and seafood linguine (also on the food blog). Scrubbed the computer desk. Took out lots of trash.

You know what's sad though? You really can't tell that we've done anything! The living room still looks messy, the dining room floor doesn't look much cleaner now that the kids ate dinner. There's dishes in the sink again. And I haven't caught up totally on the laundry.

I did catch William in the act doing something funny. And a little nerve breaking. He has been climbing on the table lately so he can play with stuff, or eat crumbs I haven't gotten to yet. (Gross, I know) But he's a quick little bugger and can get up there faster than I can get to him. Every time I blink, he's up there, and I am just waiting for him to fall off and crack his head open!

What a ham! He was up there dancing around for the camera! I don't know why he gets up there, and I hope that's the highest thing he ever climbs. Or at least lets me see him doing it. It doesn't even matter if I push all the chairs in. He get under the table and scoots them right back out! :-)


Rachel H. said...

That Crayola idea is brilliant! :) Might have to see if that kind of thing would work around here.

Glad you got a lot accomplished. Even if it doesn't LOOK like it, I think every bit helps! :)

Melinda said...

I really like the 'earn your toys' mentality. I may have to wait a bit, but definately like it.

I wish I had your energy in my house! It looks messy because it IS right now. With the diswasher not working, dishes are stacked up and I still have loads (pun intended) of laundry waiting downstairs. But the girls are sleeping and I'm blogging...must be my own fault.

Farrell Family said...

That is frustrating when you do so much but while you were doing it new messes were made. At least it's that much cleaner than it would have been and you burned a few calories in the process. :)
I love that Oren is so motivated to get his paper and markers. Great idea.

Stephanie said...

Glad you got so much done! I had a bit of that frustration today too. I did the dishes, and made sure the living room was all cleaned up. Then I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up when Jeff got home, and we both discovered that the kids had dumped out the toy box entirely and were playing in the doorway. At least they were playing nicely. Anyway, by the time everyone went to bed tonight (except me) the apartment was a mess again. Sigh.