Monday, May 26, 2008

Yuck, I did it Again!

That's right. I stuck my arm up the toilet again.

William stuck some wipes in there a week or so ago, and I thought I pulled them all out. Well, he must have put something else in there that I didn't see, and now it is clogged again.

And that's not the best part!

He got in there earlier today and was playing apperantly, because the whole floor was flooded, and it got into the closet that shares a wall with the boys' room, and soaked through to the carpet in their doorway. Yay!

Today wasn't the best day, I was a bit grumpy for some unknown reason. Mark made a totally harmless comment about cleaning, and I totally flipped and got really angry. Usually I end up cleaning when that happens. When I say clean, I mean throw stuff out of where it shouldn't be and hope it lands where it should. Then scrub and vacumm and dust and induce chemical asphyxiation until the energy and ticked-off-ness expends itself. That way no one gets hurt and something gets done. So today I chose to tackle the bathroom and toilet. Yep, I even stuck my hand in there again and couldn't feel anything. It was a long shot, but hey. Not wanting to give up, I actually pulled the toilet up and tipped it over. Nothing there either. The clog is somewhere in the middle. I gave up, left the toilet on it's side, and locked the door. Housing maintenance will get a call in the morning.

Still fuming and with plenty of energy left I tackled the my bathroom, also a disaster. That is now totally spotless, floor mopped, the whole thing bleached from top to bottom, glass all dusted, shelves cleaned, toilet scrubbed down, bobby pins picked up. It is so nice to have a clean bathroom, I don't usually let it get so bad. What is nice about cleaning bathrooms is that I am totally by myself. Nobody comes in and bothers me, Mark chose to go outside and pull weeds, which was smart. I sat in there and said a lot of stuff to myself, most of which would have been very hurtful if I had said it to him, and most of it was not even true or relevant. I know the stuff I railed about was ridiculous, but that's why I do it while cleaning, under my breath. Because sometimes I can't help what I say, and you can't take back words.

After the bathroom was done, I had worked my way back to normal and fairly decent. The kids got put in bed, I complimented Mark on the weed job he did for me, and he admired how clean and nice smelling the bathroom was. All is well, no harm done. This time. Except for the poor toilet resting on it's side, waiting patiently to put upright and used again.


Stephanie said...

I mentioned on the weight loss blog that I think it's great that you harness your angry energy, and turn it toward something good and useful. Usually I do the opposite, what you try to avoid - I blow up and get all catty and rude. I need to try the whole clean-when-I'm-angry thing. It works for you, it works for Pacha's wife on Emperor's New Groove, and I'm sure it would work for me!

But yeah, I totally know what you mean about muttering stuff to "your husband" under your breath. I do that all the time. I say everything that, at the time, I wish I could say to him out loud, but never end up saying it, and most of the time, that's probably a good thing!

Farrell Family said...

Well, it sounds like it was a productive day at least. Sorry about the whole toilet thing. I really don't know that I'm ready for boys. I've had it so easy with Emma. You are great!

Rachel H. said...

oKAY! i AM BACK TO commenting! I have been away for SO long--at least it feels that way.

I am sorry about your day! Though, next time you get upset I will happily buy you a ticket to come see house could use a good anger session! :)

Hope you get that clog figured out. We haven't had one yet--crossing fingers!

Calista said...

What a rough day! I'm so glad you guys were able to get through it without hurting each other needlessly :) Sometimes I say things to Steve that I shouldn't and it makes things rocky for a few days, when I could have saved myself the trouble and kept my mouth shut! And you even have a clean bathroom and weed-free yard to show for it! Yeah!

Kathy & Dave Whittle said...

I'm sorry about your toilet and everything else today. That's a great way to vent your anger though - I should try it sometime, my house could certainly use it. I wish I only muttered under my breath to Dave, but many times I say things I should keep to myself. Enjoy your clean bathroom!