Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pricky Pokeys

There is little boy hair in the fibers of my shirt. Ouch! It has been poking my skin for the last few hours. But, the boys needed haircuts, and that's what happens!

Today would have been more productive if I hadn't been so exhausted. I ran Oren to school, came home really fast to run the trash to the curb, and then headed over to the hospital. The psychiatrist wanted some labs drawn. For once, the lab guy listened when I told him which vein actually works. Most of the time they ignore me and go for the other arm first, only to go back to exactly where I told them to draw in the first place. DUH! That went really fast though and I went back home.

I attempted to pick up the living room, but ended up sitting on the floor, watching Today show, and VERY slowly putting dirty clothes in a pile. It took an hour to do the living room, I was so tired. Then I spent another hour doing dishes. I sat for a little bit, and enjoyed the quiet when Nathan went to play at a friends house, but couldn't nap because I had to go get Oren.

Daddy came home for lunch and watched the kids while I ran to the school. Oren's teacher was very pleased with his behavior. We gave him an extra 5 mg Ritalin per the doctor's orders, and that seems to have done the trick. The last couple weeks were pretty hard for him at school, so it was nice to have a good day today. I got everyone fed, and William down for a nap. As I was sitting to take one myself, a friend called and tried chatting. That didn't work very well, I was literally falling asleep on the phone, so she let me go. I got about 20 minutes before the phone rang again and woke me up. It seems that was all I needed because I have been a little more energetic the rest of the day.

I journeyed down to Walmart and picked up my prescription this afternoon. The kids did really well, which was nice. Nobody screamed in the middle of the aisle. Nobody threw up, or blew out. Nobody mashed the bread in the cart. It was actually an okay trip. When I walked in the front door, my house smelled so good. I had been cooking a pork roast in the crock pot with barbeque sauce for shredded pork sandwhiches. Yumm! We did an easy dinner tonight, because Oren had T-ball. The kids really liked the sandwhiches. We'll be doing that again. I gotta love Mark though... "These are better than that other pork thingy you did on the grill for my birthday!" Good grief... :-)

Since I had an hour to kill until bedtime after dinner, I sat Nathan down and trimmed his hair. It's been in his eyes lately. He looked so much like Mark! Still had some time, so I sat Oren down. With Nathan's cowlicks, we have to keep it longer, but Oren has such thick straight hair, we buzz cut his. He looks good with it really short though. And I have noticed William's hair has been rather scraggly of late, so in the chair he went. He is much more well behaved for haircuts that his brothers ever were! Probably because he sees his brothers acting like it's no big deal. Whatever the reason, I appreciate the cooperation.

I did, however, get pokey hair all over me, which I do not appreciate. So I am off to take a shower and get it off me. Good night!


Rachel H. said...

What a crazy busy day! Way to handle things!!! And wouldn't it just be that Mark liked the easy meal instead of the laborious one!! :)Truly a "go figure" moment!!!

CissaLynn said...

Girl, your stories are too funny!! Know that it gave me a chuckle and I needed it!!! :) I love the idea of "getting your frustrations out" while cleaning "alone!" I think all of us moms struggle w/those feelings! Our job never ends and, in fact, we are constantly re-doing our job over and over again!!!
Have a good week! :)

Stephanie said...

Isn't it nice that you can cut your own kids' hair instead of having to pay someone to do it? Though I agree, the prickly hairs that get all over do sort of get irritating.

Michelle said...

Yes, having 3 boys to take to the barber would be expensive. We bought a really nice set of Wahl clippers, professional ones, at a beauty supply store. They stay sharper and cut cleaner I have found. I think I paid around $50-$60. Two rounds of all 4 males getting haircuts, at $8 a piece on base, and the clippers paid for themselves! And the more I cut, the more confident I get. I even branched out with scissors lstely. Plus, if I mess up, it grows back fast and you can just shave the head in the meantime to cover up the mistake! :-)